5 Signs You Might Live In A Haunted House And What To Do About It

A haunted house is actually a lot more common than you might imagine. A haunted house is any house that has more negative energy than positive. Most houses are “haunted” to some extent, but some are more than others. Here are 5 signs you might be living in a haunted house:

1. You can sense intuitively that something is a bit off.

When we moved into our current house, my highly intuitive sister could tell that something was off. She didn’t necessarily have the words to describe it, it was just a feeling she had. The house is very beautiful in terms of the architecture. It’s an old Spanish-style house, built with a lot of care. It has an ocean view and a beautiful garden, which is why my dad wanted to rent it in the first place. We all gave her shit and told her she was overreacting. Well, as my own intuitive gifts and abilities have developed during my time living here, I can indeed sense what she is referring to. The house contains a lot of negative energy. If you have any doubts about a house you are looking at, always go with your gut. If your own gut isn’t certain, go with the gut of a highly intuitive person.

2. Other people have lived in the house.

When people have lived in the house before you, depending on if they had more positive or negative experiences in that house, it is more likely to have negative energy than it would if you were the first person to inhabit it. Emotional energy contains a frequency that can be felt in the mood of the house. You can often feel it upon entering someone’s home— it’s just a vibe you get, whether the people who live there are happy or sad. This energy can be cleared but it can take a while to balance it out. I’d recommend aiming to create more joyful experiences in the house in order to strike that balance.

3. The house is old.

Old houses and buildings inherently have more negative energy. The older the house, the more haunted by negative energy it will be. This is due to point #2 as well as physical reasons. There could be mold, rotting materials, infestations, or other issues that are symptomatic that the house is not in good repair. New houses always have better energy so if you are looking to rent or buy a place, a new or remodeled location is best.

4. You have lost someone you loved.

When you have lost someone you loved that was close to you, you will be haunted by their memory. Wherever you live or go, it will be inherently haunted by their spirit. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is important to learn to deal with your grief and to resolve the memories you had with this person so that your memories and associations with them become more positive. When you resolve your grief, you will see them as an angel instead of being negatively affected by the loss.

5. Someone has died or has been ill in the house.

When someone has died or been severely ill in the house, the energy will be particularly bad because of all the grief, sadness, and suffering that might have been present. Make sure to remodel a house after someone dies in order to clear the energy.

If you live in a haunted house and can’t move away, I would highly recommend smudging with sage and practicing regular energy-clearing (cleaning, renovating if possible, and decluttering) in order to make the most of the situation.