The Energetic Reason Why He’s Not Texting You Back (And What You Can Do About It)

Energy works in such a way that when you are holding onto something or someone in your mind, you are holding onto them energetically, so whatever it is you are trying to manifest will not be able to appear in your waking physical reality. This includes getting a text back from a guy you are talking to or dating.

Oftentimes when a guy isn’t texting you back and you are obsessing over hearing from him, it is because energetically you are holding on too tightly. You have to let him go if you want to hear back from him faster. Have you ever noticed that it’s always when you’re out having fun, working, or otherwise busy and distracted that you receive a text or call from the person in question? It’s never when you are angrily or impatiently waiting to hear from them. This is because that’s how the universe works in terms of the law of attraction and energy.

Whether or not he is directly aware of it, he can feel your energy when you are holding on too tightly. If you want to hear back from a guy faster and essentially stop caring about whether or not he texts you back, here are some steps you can take:

1. Delete the conversation with him from your phone.

This clears the energy so that new conversations with him can break through. It deletes any stale or stagnant energy that might exist between the two of you and breaks ground for a more present conversation. It can also help you get your mind off of him by not seeing his name on your screen.

2. Do things that are grounding to improve your life, health, and wellbeing.

This includes working, going out into nature, exercising, taking care of your body/appearance, and otherwise performing acts of self-care. When you are grounded, meaning you are not lost in thought (thinking about him) but taking action in your own life, you shift the energy away from him and back to loving yourself so that he can serve to reflect your self-love back at you in the physical world. This is what the universe wants for you—to be grounded and taking care of yourself rather than focusing on another person all the time or depending on them for your happiness. The universe does not reward codependency.

3. Delete conversations with other men.

If you are chatting with other men, it does not allow his energy to come through as fully as it should. Make him your number one and he will do the same with you.

4. Chat with him on platforms where the energy exchange is equal, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iChat, or Instagram.

This might not make a lot of sense, but trust me on this one. I have an iPhone and have chatted with guys who do not, and the energy moves more slowly when the platform is not equal. The universe wants us to have equal energetic exchanges, and to chat over mediums that allow for this energetic exchange to occur. Any conversation is just an energetic exchange.

5. If he hasn’t been texting you back, don’t get angry at him.

You might want to get angry at him when he’s not texting you back, but understand that he is probably busy with other real world matters that are important to him. Men are very physical in that way, and as I said, they can feel your energy if you are clinging onto them. They literally won’t be able to text you back if your energy is too clingy, so you should not blame them when they don’t. The same thing works in reverse— if a person is too clingy with you, you will not desire to text them back either.

Never blame the other person. You can bring it to their attention if it is a really big problem, but don’t do it in an accusatory way. It is not his responsibility to be constantly entertaining you. You should be positively contributing to one another’s lives, not shaming, blaming, and criticizing for no good reason. Thought Catalog Logo Mark