The Truth About Twin Flames And Soulmates

The Truth About Twin Flames And Soulmates

Here is the truth about twin flames, soulmates, and other types of relationships we will come into contact with as we go through a spiritual ascension process.

Some of you might not want to hear it— I know I didn’t for a while on my own journey— but here it is. We will attract exactly who it is we are resonating with at the level we are vibrating at energetically (physically, mentally, and emotionally) or we will attract someone who is at a similar vibration to us who might be more expanded in some ways than we are, and vice versa, so that we can grow. As our vibration rises, we will also attract people who are clear mirrors and reflections of our light and dark qualities so that we can see what we need to change and fix within ourselves.

Wherever we are vibrating is a reflection of who we will attract. We can move up and down in terms of our own energetic vibration based upon life circumstances at any given point in time. We will then no longer be a match for the person we are with, and we will break up. We can continue to grow with another person if that is what the universe has in store, but if it does not seem like the person you are with is growing with you, they are not your twin flame. They are a karmic soulmate here to teach you lessons.

A true twin flame or soulmate will be a loving connection in which the two of you resonate and create together at the same level. You will be attracted to each other because your vibration will be similar. There are a lot of misconceptions on the internet about twin flames—that the connection will be painful and brutal but that love will win in the end. I’m not sure why these lies and misconceptions exist—I know that on my own journey, they served me where I was, and I would attract these types of articles, likely written by desperate people who wanted to glorify and replay the story that love should be painful. But that is not love. That is a karmic connection.

A true soulmate or twin flame will behave in an overall loving way towards you and the two of you will be in agreement at the same time (not in the past or in the future) that you both want to be together and you both want to make it happen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark