Here’s Why Children Are More Sensitive To Spirits Than Adults

I’ve heard so many stories from others, and have also had personal experiences, with children who can channel energy, see spirits, or receive messages from the other side. In case you were curious, I am referring to ghosts, though I don’t particularly like to use that word to describe them.

Last year, when I was babysitting, the little girl I was watching looked at me and said, “Your mom died.” She was about 6 years old. She was correct— my mother had passed away in 2014. I hadn’t told her this fact, and she didn’t know me or my family beforehand. “How did you know that?” I asked her. She told me she wasn’t sure.

There is some truth as to why children in horror movies are always the ones who seem to be affected by spirits.

Children function at a higher level of consciousness than their adult counterparts—at an expanded level of consciousness. It is one that is closer to God consciousness—closer to the divine and to the spiritual realm. Over time, as they age, their consciousness will contract, and many of them will lose these abilities and gifts due to societal programming and trauma.

One of our innate powers as human beings is our ability to connect with the spiritual realm. It doesn’t necessarily work in the way you might think, like in the movie The Sixth Sense where the little boy can “see dead people.” Sometimes spirits can simply speak or send messages through mediums—one of those mediums being people who are open to it (like children), others being through means such as sending spirit animals, feathers, coins, or other symbols and signs for you to see.

Children are good mediums because of their purity of energy, and benevolent energies from the other side (angels), particularly those who may have been close to you on earth, might try to communicate to you through them. In my own experience, they won’t want to do it in a way that is scary—normally it would just be to provide comfort to you when you’re open to it.

Children resonate near the angelic realm, which is associated with energies such as love, joy, peace, and bliss. Lower level energies do exist, but they are typically a mismatch for the high frequency in which children resonate. As I often say, it is less important to be frightened by evil or negative spirits but to be aware of the negative energies that exist on the physical plane in humans who walk among us with contracted levels of consciousness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark