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The Heart Of A Traveling Woman Is Not Yours To Hold

If you are a traveling woman with such a heart, please know that you never have to apologize for being the whirlwind that you are. To anybody. Ever. You are beautiful and wild and you will hurt so much, but you will be okay.

I’m Homesick For Your Heart

For the man who loves me enough to urge me to leave, step by step with a knot in my throat and tears streaming down my cheeks, onto the next adventure.

You Are My Greatest Adventure

I’ve tasted the earthy richness of vegetables in Africa. I’ve tasted the bitterness of coffee in South America. But none. I mean none. None of those compare to the Electric taste of your lips on mine For the first time.

This Is How I Get By Without God

I’ll think about how comforting it is to think of a man who resolves all of that guilt and excuses, all of my mistakes simply when I ask him to.