12 Guys Share The Tell-Tale Signs They Just Aren’t Interested In You

Lyubomir Ignatov
Lyubomir Ignatov

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  • Definitely keep it very platonic.
  • No contact/touch.
  • Be polite but not flirty.
  • Never ask her out.
  • I’d let her know upfront I’m not interested in her romantically if she is becoming too close for comfort or if she asks me out.

— HelloNeo


Tell her about other women I am trying to date.

— AutomaticVonBismarck


Mention how much you appreciate her platonic friendship. “I love that I can talk to you just as a friend, it’s such a relief.” It makes it clear that you only consider her a friend whilst complimenting her as a friend instead of undermining her romantic appeal.

Also, ask her about HER interests. Figure out where her mind is at.

— dudelikeshismusic


If you’re trying to figure out if a dude likes you here’s what you do:

Next time you see this guy in person and you’re hanging out and talking, say something like, “Awww Billy, you’re such a good friend!”. And watch his reaction, his body language – everything. If a guy is romantically interested in a girl that’s the last thing he wants to hear.

Or be a little flirtatious yourself and see how he reacts.

Or you could be more direct, “Billy, I like you. Do you like me too?”

“Billy, I’m romantically interested in you, are you romantically interested in me??”

— ILoveToEatLobster


It really depends. I’ve only been approached by a gal once in my entire life. She just showed up out of nowhere and came to me smiling and asking if she could have my number. I felt extremely bad saying no since I don’t want to discourage the very few amount of girls that approach guys and I just said to her that I’m gay….lol. I even said to her “You are P for pretty, but I want P for penis.” hahahahahaha

— ThrowAwayAga1n


I found myself having a lot of female friends I’m not romantically interested in, so I do these things on purpose and by these things I mean:

Any “you go girl, snag that hunk” type of comments when she’s telling me about some guy she had or will have some interaction with.

Any, even not so serious comments about being her wingman or introducing her to someone.

Telling her about women I’m interested in.

— WholeLottaToughLove


If she asked I’d say I wasn’t interested. If she didn’t, then I would never notice what the hell she was doing and she’d probably waste a lot more time.

— wtmh


I wouldn’t invite her to a one-on-one outing. Instead, I would only invite her to group activities.

— PacSan300


Say key words like “friend”, “sister”, words that say that you do care for her, but not in a romantic way.

— redandblack555


Treat her like a bro. Hang out and be pals. Handshakes and high fives all around. Try to avoid being alone with her.

— Zihark1


If she’s hitting on me, I turn her down or make it clear that it’d be a FWB thing if we did start knocking boots.

Otherwise, I don’t do anything in particular to indicate that I view them platonically, I just act normally and don’t try to hit on them or get into their pants.

— Coidzor


“You know, I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life. You’re like a big sister to me and I feel like we can talk about anything without having all that romantic crap getting in the way. I’m so glad you’re my friend.”

— Byck Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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