28 Men Describe What Their Long-Term Girlfriend Did To Make Them Break Up ‘Out Of The Blue’



“Everything was going great, we had been dating for about five months, but she wouldn’t stop talking about getting married and having kids. It just freaked me out, and I didn’t really want to have a conversation about it so I bailed.”

— Jeff, 22


“Older guy here. When I was younger I dated this girl for almost two years. But this girl had the absolute worst breath you could ever imagine — even after brushing her teeth. It just wasn’t normal.”

— Paul, 43


“She just need to talk to me ALL the time. It was just too much. I would try to relax after work and she’d be texting me non-stop, asking why I’m not answering etc.”

— Ahmed, 24


“Caught her having sex with another man.”

— Anonymous, 21


“She refused to stop talking to her ex-boyfriend. Like, they were “best friends” and still hung out almost every week. I tried bringing it up to her once and she flipped out on me. Bye lol.”

— Derek, 25


“She had a condition that made sex extremely painful for her. After trying a few times, we gave up. It might’ve worked out if we tried other stuff, but she was pretty resistant and called me “selfish” when I brought it up.”

— Super Sexually Frustrated Dude, 27


“She ‘made a mistake’ with my best friend. Packed my things, moved back with my parents, blocked her number, never looked back.”

— Sam, 29


“Okay, this wasn’t the only issue in our relationship, but every time she gave me head she managed to bite my penis. Like, it just drove me nuts.”

— Austin, 23


“Everything was my fault. Even the stuff that happened before we even knew each other.”

— George, 21


“She had a lot of emotional issues that I didn’t completely understand until we were three months in a relationship. I wasn’t in a place to help her, and she literally wouldn’t let me break up with her. I feel like a dick, but I just had to block her on everything and move on.”

— Anonymous, 22


“The sex was just terrible. Like, she made my right hand seem like a real casanova. But how do you tell someone that?”

— Mike, 26


“She was vegan and constantly pushed it in my face. I have no problem what what you do with your life, but don’t shove it on me, ok?”

— Dave, 25


“There were some big trust issues going on. Every single damn time I’d come home, she’d ask to see my phone. She began talking to my friends and family about me, confirming I was where I said I was. (P.S. I ALWAYS was). Eventually I told her it wasn’t working out, and she basically attacked me, accusing me of leaving her for my imaginary secret lover.”

— Robert W, 31


“Last December she told me she was voting for Hillary Clinton. Like, Bernie, maybe….but Hillary…..? Come on……….”

— Rodney, 26


“She confessed that she stopped birth control for the past month so she could get pregnant with my kids. I nodded understandingly at the time, then NOPE-ed the fuck out of there the next day.”

— Clint, 20


“Two words: her mom. That woman was the biggest bitch, and somehow my ex was insanely close to her. Literally no respect or trust. First time I met this woman, she told me that she had a concealed carry and would make sure “I’d regret” breaking her daughter’s heart if I ever did. I still fucking lock my doors and windows at night, and it’s three years later.”

— Louis, 26


“She got old. I guess it was sort of my mistake dating a girl who was three years older than me, but when she hit 30 there were just a lot of cosmetic changes I wasn’t comfortable yet. I’m still young, and I want to date someone young. Not proud of leaving her without a real explanation, but that’s life I guess.”

— Anonymous


“She fucking chewed so fucking loud.

Okay, that wasn’t the only reason. But Jesus, it didn’t help.”

— Ben, 24


“I found someone else. My girlfriend had been suspicious (correctly) that I was seeing someone on the side. I couldn’t bear to admit to her that that was true, so one night I packed my stuff and said I ‘needed a break.’ Been with the other girl for about a year now, and it’s great.”

— Stellan, 34


“She didn’t want a family. I’m a little traditional, and I want a big family with the wife as a primary homemaker (she doesn’t have to completely give up her career of course). She was very Tumblr-esque, far-left feminism and had no interest in kids. One day I just woke up and realized it was time to move on.”

— Phil, 23


“She wasn’t taking her life anywhere and was totally wasting her time. Like I get that not everyone has their shit together in their 20’s, but at least TRY. One day I decided I was tired of paying the rent alone and watching her go out and party every single night (with my money…) and told her to move out and get out. Miss her sometimes, but she needs to grow up.”

— Doug, 27


“I just had a really bad feeling. Like no concrete reasons, just a bad feeling. 10 years later, she was accused of poisoning her husband. Dodged a bullet.”

— Mel, 41


“No passion, and no hope of fixing it. It was a rebound relationship that just fizzled out. Nothing to explain, just left.”

— Rob, 30


“Found her collecting newspaper clippings of her kinda famous ex-boyfriend (like C-list celebrity). Nah, wasn’t even going to dive into that.”

— Cory, 26


“We had this really weird conversation where she admitted to having a criminal record, but wouldn’t say anything else. It was just really weird and uncomfortable, and I barely slept the next night. While she was at work, I packed my stuff, left her a note, and changed phone numbers. Haven’t heard anything (good or bad) since.”

— Q, 24


“We tried anal once, and like, it was literally the most disgusting thing I ever, ever seen…ever. There was shit everywhere, up and down her body and all over my dick. Like, I understand where we are playing and aren’t judging for a little poop…but she had to have been saving that one up for days.

Neither of us could really look at each other after. I think the split was actually mutual.”

— Ronnie, 27


“She was stealing money from me, just taking super fucking obvious amounts of cash out of my wallet. She went out of town with her girlfriends and I got as much back as I could by pawning some of her jewelry etc. and then moved in with my brother across the country and cut her out of my life.”

— Christian, 35


“She didn’t believe in personal hygiene. She thought the chemicals in the water would give her cancer, so she only showered once a month or something. Didn’t last long.”

— TJ, 20 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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