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5 Life-Changing Things To Manifest In 2021

As exhausting as this year has been, it’s time to let go of everything that mentally destroyed you. It’s a brand new chapter for experiences, joy, and memories. It’s another year to discover who you truly are behind the chaos and madness that the previous year has given you. You’re here, you’re alive, and most importantly, you made it through. As 2021 begins, it isn’t too late to finally make this your year with the following manifestations:

1. “I manifest success and wealth in my life.”

No matter what you think, focus on the truth that you have always been capable of achieving your goals. Look back on the previous year and realize you’ve come so far just to stop. Focus on your goals and accomplishments and don’t let anything or anyone stop you from getting what you want. People will either support you or drag you down six feet under.

2. “I manifest inner peace and happiness this year.”

While happiness is subjective, you can always choose to have joy instead of negativity. I hope you have the courage to choose happiness this year when you’ve been through so much exhaustion and anxiety the previous year. Realize that peace can be found even in the most painful situations—you just have to focus on that.

3. “I manifest standing my ground in certain boundaries.”

Boundaries don’t make you a bad person, but it just makes you human. Saying no to certain things is how you guarantee you won’t be abused or taken for granted yet again. You can’t let other people walk all over your kindness and compassion because not everyone deserves you. Focus on the few people that shine your light and say no to everyone else that doesn’t belong.

4. “I manifest confidence and self-esteem.”

Your failure and mistakes don’t make you less of a person, but it makes you more capable. Manifest enough confidence to see that you are worthy and you are loved, no matter what your thoughts convince you of. You don’t need people’s validation to prove that to yourself.

5. “I manifest calmness in my thoughts.”

Most importantly, may this new year provide you with the mental strength to fight off every lie that your mind convinces you of. When your mind replays your past or gives you fear of the future, be strong enough to keep your eyes fixed on the present moment. Realize that you control your thoughts, not the other way around. Your thoughts come from a place of fear and insecurity and only when you realize that can you let them go.

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Dorothy Anne Field

Full-time Freelance Writer. Contributing Writer. MNL, PH.