Read This If You Ever Feel Like You’re ‘Too Much’

Read This If You Ever Feel Like You're 'Too Much'
Rachael Crowe

I hope you never know what it feels like to be told that you’re too much:

too clingy,

too needy,

too intense.

I genuinely hope you never have to experience the devastating ache of being told that you care too much or that you’re too passionate about the things you love.

I hope the day never comes that the world suddenly make you ashamed of being who you are.

I hope you don’t start believing them.

You should never have to be ashamed of being clingy or showing the people you love that you care or that you miss them. If they find that annoying, cut them out of your life. You honestly don’t need people in your life who would make you feel bad about having such a kind and genuine heart. Showing someone you care is not a sign if weakness but rather a sign of strength.

If you took that aspect away from you, you would be taking away the most unique and beautiful thing about you. You are one of those people willing to go beyond this universe if it meant making the person that you loved happy. You love people with so much intensity and passion that not everybody deserves to know you.

You deserve someone who finds it attractive to have someone in their life who cares about everything and everyone with everything that they have got.

You deserve people in your life that are willing to meet you halfway through everything.

You deserve people who aren’t the cause of cutting your own wings, but rather making it possible for you to fly.

You aren’t responsible for being “too much” for anyone in this world.

You’re just too beautiful and extraordinary for your own kind to be ever understood by people like them.

Be yourself, darling, and continue to fly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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