17 Important Things To Remember When You Don’t Feel Good Enough

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Flickr / Transformer18

1. Please remember that life will be full of obstacles. You will have heartbreaks, professional setbacks, unfulfilled dreams, or worse. When you understand that disappointment is part of the life equation, your recovery time will be much faster.

2. Please remember that you will find a lot of critics. People will criticize you. They always do… they always will…You might not be good enough for some people, you will get criticized for your personality, your way of thinking, you will get criticize if you aren’t fit enough. People talk and they always will, but as long as you are happy their opinion doesn’t matter.

3. Please remember that you won’t find a book that will tell you how you are supposed to live your life. You are allowed to do what you think is right. You are allowed to not get a degree if that is what you feel is right. You are allowed to not have kids if you don’t have the desire to. You are allowed to break “society’s” rules and live life differently.

4. Please remember that you won’t always get what you want and that is ok. If we always got what we wanted we would never appreciate what we already have.

5. Please remember that levels and titles mean nothing. The title on your name does not make you any better than others. The title on your name does not define you. Remember that the cleaning person is as important as the CEO of the company.

6. Please remember that money is just a number, and if it takes a big amount of money to make you happy, your search for happiness will never end. Happiness is not defined as “having” in abundance. Happiness is defined in feeling abundance in love, giving, completeness, and personal achievement.

7. Please remember that happiness comes from within. You can’t find happiness in others before finding in yourself what makes you happy. Learn to love yourself, understand yourself before you learn to love others.

8. Please remember that it is ok to fail. Anyone who has succeeded will tell you that he learned more from his failures than he ever learned from success. There is no success without failure please remember that. Please bear in mind that you will have one, two, three, four, etc failures on your way to success. These failures make you stronger, make you humble, and teach you lessons.

9. Please remember to be thankful. You might not be exactly where you were planning to be but always remember that things could always be worst.

10. Please remember that you don’t gained anything by comparing yourself to others. Remember that someone will always be better than you, someone will always be more prepared than you, someone will be considered smarter than you, someone will always be considered prettier than you, someone will always have more money than you, and that is ok.

11. Please remember to not settle for anything less than you deserve. Find your passion. If you didn’t find it right out of college please know that is ok. Know that it might take time and it is ok to keep looking. It is ok to experience many things until you find that one thing you love to do, the one thing you will have the drive to do every day.

12. Please remember that there is more to life than work. Money is an essential part of life but we can’t have our lives revolve around money. There is more to life than making money. Spend time with family you barely see, share moments with great friends, visit places, give back to the community, and learn from other cultures.

13. Please remember that is ok to be alone. It is ok if you haven’t found your other half. It is ok if you are still single. You can find love in many places. When you least expected it love will find you.

14. Please remember to dream. Dream as big as you can and set goals. Please remember you will find many along the way that will tell you: “Your dreams can’t be done”. But keep dreaming. If you couldn’t accomplish one dream. Move on to the next.. and never ever ever give up on them. Never give up on what you believe and never stop dreaming.

15. Please remember that things won’t come easy. They will require a lot of hard work and determination. Anyone who succeeded didn’t make it directly to the top.

16. Please remember you will meet many along the way. Many will want to see you succeed those are the people you want to hold on to as long as you can.

17. Please remember that we have less time than you really think we do. Every moment counts so stop planning and start doing. Stop leaving things for tomorrow, for next year. Make this moment count. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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