15 Quirks Girls Have That Guys Go Crazy Over

1. A Level-headed Sense Of Self-Deprecation

Not having one’s shit together can be very attractive. If it’s balanced properly–i.e., not overdone–it can be breathtaking.

2. The Knack For Being A Compelling Storyteller

When in relationships, girls talk a lot. Being a good narrator makes all the difference–if we’re smitten everytime you open your mouth…well, it’s not the worst.

3. Being A Sweatshirt Queen

If you can pull off wearing a guy’s oversized sweatshirt, chances are he’s gonna wanna hang around all day. Just don’t steal that varsity football ’09 hoodie!

4. A Random, Organic Enthusiasm

Random, unprovoked happiness. Is there anything better?

5. An Uptight Sense Of Humor

For the super serious types, who crack joke after joke without seeming to know. It’s a strange game they’re playing. I think the jokes on us–which is more than ok.

6. Great At Dancing, Unintentionally

Those who did 12 years of ballet need not apply. We’re talking about the unprovoked dance party girl, who drags you out onto the makeshift dancefloor that is your apartment kitchen. It’s not supposed to be this fun.

7. A Happy Clumsiness, That Shows She Doesn’t Take Herself Too Seriously

When babies fall or trip, they generally have two reactions–they bawl incessantly, or they laugh. Not sure if the same could be applied to “beautiful babies” (in the words of Vince Vaughn’s character from Swingers), but there’s always something about a girl who takes something ungraceful and turns it into beauty.


8. A Sexy Accent

Nothing to explain here. Think this one goes for both sides of the coin.

9. A Language Unique To Them

Not like Dutch or Swahili, but with their own unique brand of diction. A girl who can properly pull off a “wazzz poppin!!!” is a rare gem.

10. Says Things Like “I Really Like Ranch Dressing?”

The official thing here is “ending declarative sentences with an interrogative inflection.” Basically, being completely sure of something but ending in question form anyway. For some reason, this is great.

11.  Having A Big-Time Obsession With Pizza

Do we need to elaborate on the obvious?

12. The Innocent Hair Twirl

When it’s all subconscious-like. We don’t like to address it, because sometimes you’ll immediately stop. Which ruins the incredible charm.

13. Cute Hat Wearer

Not all the time. But a girl who can rock a winter beanie, or her man’s Yankee cap, is a girl with options.

14. Tells A Joke, Never Smiles

A ruthless staredown, like a comedian who doesn’t laugh at her jokes. Blunt, dry humor can go a long way. Why is this attractive? I guess it doesn’t really matter why. It just is.

15. Is a Genuine Person

Okay, a bit more than a quirk. But being completely true brings out the best of quirks, be them on this list or not. Staying true is alluring. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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