11 Unattractive Things About Men, As Told By 11 Women

Shutterstock / Suzanne Tucker
Shutterstock / Suzanne Tucker

Looks aren’t everything, but we’d be lying if we said they weren’t important — and these 11 ladies couldn’t agree more. Read on for what they had to say about their deal breakers when it comes to the looks that they want their men to steer clear of—from man bling to tattoos, and everything in between.

  1. Bad teeth
    “Bad oral hygiene is an automatic deal breaker. They need not have ‘Game Show Host’ teeth, but they should all be there, in tact, looking and smelling healthy. Teeth that are far apart, looking like they’re running from one another, and are fifty shades of grey are no good!” – Allison, 33
  2. Potbellies
    “For me, the biggest deal breaker is a potbelly. This means the man doesn’t care about his health. Health and fitness are most important to me, second only to spirituality. So I look for fit men who are active, love their bodies, and are proactive in taking care of their health.” – Susan, 58
  3. Excessive hair
    “Manscape—do it! Trim your nose hair, your chest, legs and privates too. Furry is just not sexy. But don’t over do it either — no girl likes a man with perfect eyebrows. If you look like a drag queen, it’s not masculine.” – Stephanie, 40
  4. Too much muscle
    “Men who are too muscular. I don’t overlook the average-built guy. I feel like people obsess too much over image, and you can still be healthy without having to be rock-hard and count calories. I like someone who I can go hiking with, but also will eat a ton of delicious cuisines and not think twice about it. Plus, I want a companion, not Superman.” – Suki, 22
  5. Lots of bling
    “Male Jewelry. Specifically rings, excessive bracelets, belly button rings, anklets, chokers, or anything hemp. Ew.” -Victoria, 30
  6. Skinny guys
    “I’m a moderately-sized woman, and having been with guys who are so skinny that I feel like I’ll break them when I’m on top, I now steer clear of men who are unreasonably thin.” – Nicole, 26
  7. Comb overs
    “I get it, men lose their hair and there’s nothing they can do, and it’s tragic. But please, own it and take a razor to the whole thing. Trying to comb it in such a way or rocking the middle bald spot is not a good look.” – Jessica, 29
  8. Pointless tattoos
    “If a tattoo means something to you, I’m all for it. Except when you get an entire tattoo of Long Island on your bicep with the words ‘Life Begins With LI’ in the middle and you STILL live on Long Island, which was the case with a recent first date I went on. C’mon now. Just no.” – Kelly, 32
  9. Ear Gauges
    “I hate those big, wide, open-hole ear piercings (and on other parts of the body). Just a huge, huge turn off! Ugh!” -Patricia, 61
  10. Bald guys
    “I’m probably yucking someone’s yum right now, but watching a bald guy go down on you is just strange, and I can’t get into looking at a shaved head while it’s happening.” – Julia, 24
  11. Dirty fingernails
    “Fingernails! I don’t need a guy to get a manicure, but if your fingernails have dirt under them or are too long, it’s not ok. Those things need to be clean if a guy is trying to get to second base.” – Megan, 25 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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