12 Little Things Men Do That Are Actually Huge Dealbreakers For Women

Shutterstock / Piotr Marcinski
Shutterstock / Piotr Marcinski

As the age old saying goes, it’s the little things that matter — and when it comes to first dates, these ladies could not agree more. What little things were instant turn offs?

Read on to see what they had to say about the minor details that sent them packing — from weird smells to slight deformities…

    1. Having a “smell”
      “I once kissed a guy on a first date, and he reminded me of what milk would smell like if it had a smell… and I never went out with him again.” – Lindsay, 26
    2. Big thoughts about food
      “I went on a first date with this guy from OkCupid. He was a vegan, and kept going on and on about how he doesn’t eat eggs because an egg is a chicken, PERIOD, and how he won’t eat honey because it’s ‘bee barf…’ I was done after that” – Amira
    3. Cat enthusiasts
      “When a guy told me he loves cats and HATES dogs! Sorry but I’m a dog lady!” – Jamie, 29
    4. Not down with Hogwarts
      “I went on a first date with a guy who told me he never read Harry Potter. For whatever reason, this proved to be a HUGE dealbreaker. It kept coming up!” -Ricki, 23
    5. Inferior produce knowledge
      “He didn’t know what an avocado was. I couldn’t date him.” – Judi
    6. Bodily functions
      “He was massively sweating. Not because I was so beautiful, but because he was so hung over…” – Joy
    7. Slight deformities
      ” A guy with club thumbs. I’m sorry, I could never date a guy with freakin’ club thumbs.” – Stephanie, 27
    8. Veggie aversions
      “I went on a date with a guy who told me he ‘didn’t really do vegetables.’ Like, he just didn’t eat them EVER.”  – Yasmin, 31
    9. Radio geeks
      “As soon as a guy starts talking about his CB radio, I’m outta there. I wouldn’t get up and leave, but there wouldn’t be second date.” – Kimberli, 40
    10.  Picky eaters
      “I went on a date once with a guy who was Kosher and throughout the date he explained to me that that means he won’t eat pork or seafood. In a foodies mind, that screams RED FLAG! As a real lover of all seafood, this is a relationship that I knew would just never work out…sorry but, ‘no mariscos, no punani!'” – Alli, 26
    11. Non-fiction enthusiasts
      “A date once told me that he thought it didn’t ‘make sense’ to read fiction. I read a novel or more a week.” – Patti
    12.  Shut-ins
      “He didn’t drive. At all. He never wanted to drive, and never wants to drive. When I asked him how he got around, he told me he has everything he needs delivered, and if he needs to leave the house, he has a housemate who drives him where he needs to go.” – Lisa Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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