4 Reasons Why You Should Wait To Have Sex


1. To find out if there is any chemistry between the two of you.

The most important aspect of a relationship is compatibility. It’s easy to become infatuated with another person. But, it’s difficult to find a true, deep, meaningful connection with another human being. Instead of having sex, spend your time learning about the qualities in each other. Figure out what makes his head throb and talk about your passions in life. I can tell you that when you have real feelings for your partner, then sex will feel SO much better.

2. To show them that you are serious about the relationship.

After dating my fair share of men and speaking to many of my close guy friends, I’ve learned that most guys think a girl who gives it up too easy is only in it for the sexual intimacy. I found that most guys who are serious about finding the right girl care more about learning who she is. Of course having a healthy sex life is extremely important in a relationship, but there are many other key factors that come into play before sex. A relationship shouldn’t be built around sex and waiting proves that you aren’t just dating him for the sexual pleasure.

3. To show self-respect for yourself.

Maybe I’m one of the few who believe that your body is like a temple. If you give it up so easily, then it’s only going to make him believe that you would give it up to anyone else just as quickly. In my own experiences, I’ve found that the longer I waited to have sex, the more respect I received from the guy I was dating. I understand that we crave intimacy, but I think that earning a man’s respect is more significant than enjoying the pleasures of being in between the sheets.

4. You won’t become attached as quickly.

I’ve found that most women who get physical with a man early on in the relationship expect the man to take her emotions seriously. Initially she’ll believe that he feels that same way she does for him. But it’s really hard to tell what his true feelings are so early on in a relationship. It’s upsetting when women discover only later on that the man she decided to sleep with so soon didn’t have the same feelings for her. Wait until you can truly him to have sex. I’ve realized that it’s much easier to move on from a failed romance if you never had sex. So please, ladies, save yourself the heartbreak and make sure your partner is fully committed before you decide to sleep with him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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