7 Reasons Why Our Relationships With Our Fathers Are So Important

I understand that not everyone has a loving, caring father. Sometimes, children need to disconnect themselves from their parent(s) because they are the complete opposite of what I mention. But, to everyone who appreciates their father, these are some reasons why you will always need him in your life.

1. Your father was the first man to ever enter your life and the first man who you ever learned to treat with respect.

Despite what most may think, it’s hard to learn how to respect someone. Your father showed you traits to look out for in him, ones you learned to be proud of and look highly towards. And most importantly, you probably still love him for all of his flaws. He reminds you that respect is one of the most important qualities to ever have for yourself and towards others. Even if you two disagree on certain subjects, in the end you will always value his opinions, a trait that he continues to teach you towards other humans.

2. A father’s love for his children teaches them to have self-confidence and to love themselves.

It is incredibly hard to appreciate our flaws, but your father is always going to believe in you, no matter what mistakes you make. You are going to need his love to remind you that you are an incredible human being. Because the way a father shows his love for a daughter or son in turn helps teach them to love themselves more, and we all will always need that boost to accept ourselves as we are.

3. Fathers always tell us to reach for our dreams.

We are always going to need that constant push to face our fears and try things outside of our comfort zone. He reminds us that we must always chase and achieve our goals. If someone special enters your life, he will tell you that you should never stop racing for the moon just because of the proverbial love of your life. He will tell you to continue to focus on yourself while loving what you do and loving another person at the same time. If you already accomplish one goal, your father advises you to create another and continue to succeed.

4. Your father is one of the only men who has ever accepted you even when you were in the wrong.

You’ve yelled and cried, to him and at him, and he still forgave you. He is of the few who still loves you even in your lowest moments. We are all humans and we will break down from time to time. But, it’s parents who will always understand us and bring us out of those horrible realities. Even if it’s extremely difficult to move on from, he will be by your side every step of the way.

5. Your father has seen you grow up, and knows you more than anyone for it.

He’s seen you through puberty. As years go by, our bodies will start to change. We will have wrinkles, gain stretch marks, and pretty much will not look as young as we once were. But your father will still call you beautiful even if you don’t look your best. He will remind you that looks don’t define an individual, and that it’s what’s inside that matters.

6. A true, loving father will always confront his children when times get tough.

A great father will voice his emotions. He teaches you one of the most important traits in life is communication. By discussing your problems or disagreements and by sorting them out, you learn that your affection is worth fighting for. Fathers might not always be the best ones for words, but they still know that they can’t avoid these conversations, because they don’t want to lose the love you have for them.

7. A father will show you affection at just the right times.

They will hold you just long enough, hug you, kiss you awkwardly at the top of your head, and give that last final dad-squeeze. Humans crave touch to understand how loved they really are. And sometimes, all we really need is a big hug from our daddies. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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