20 Creepy Catalog Readers Share The Most Horrifying Thing They Ever Lived Through

15. The Unexplainable

My dad always told me a story from his childhood. My grandparents were driving around their hometown in Alberta, Canada with my dad and uncle in the backseat. When they turned down the next street, a 5 foot ball of fire followed their car. It continued to follow them even after they made several turns trying to escape it. When they reported it to the police, the cops already knew, as they’d had several other reports already that day.


16. The Ring

When I was a kid there was a shadow man that would come out the closet every night and just stood there, whispering.

I knew when my parents bought the house that a young man had hung himself in the house because I heard them talking about it. One night I was about 13 now and he came to me this time in a nightmare.

I swore it was the worst nightmare ever. He showed me why he committed suicide. He had murdered his pregnant girlfriend. He was always rubbing this weird ring. I assumed maybe his high school ring. Dream repeated for weeks. Fast forward 3 years later my dad renovated out the basement. I came home from school to see my brother standing in front of the mirror rubbing this ring. When I saw it, “deja vu”. He said our dad found it while clearing out the basement.


17. Raggedy Ann

We were living in Marysville and I was probably 3 or 4. For some reason we had a Raggedy Ann doll in my room. I was either just put to bed or had woken up in the middle of the night but either way, I was staring at the ceiling and the doll leaned over from the trunk she was sitting on (at the headboard of the bed) and blew into my face. Since then I just get the creeps when I’m in the same room as it.

Nothing has occurred that I have experienced since then that regards the doll, though the dogs have seemed to growl at something in the general direction of the doll, and my dad has said something about it winking. It could have been my imagination or a dream but it traumatized me when I was little. My family jokes about it now, but I stand my ground, that thing was freaky.


18. Standing Up To Sleep Paralysis Demons

Sleep paralysis where I thought I was up and moving around. I saw a figure in the shadows of the room I was sleeping in and I confronted it for the first time. As I approached it I saw it looked kinda like the girl from the grudge. Long black hair covering her face white clothing a dress or a night gown maybe. I got closer to it and backed it into a corner and I felt like for once it was afraid of me. I demanded to know what it wanted but it disappeared and I was back in bed and couldn’t move or breath right for a good ten minutes. I thought she was going to kill me for standing up for myself. I know its all hallucinations and mind tricks your brain plays on you but it feels real when its happening.


19. Dreams That Seem To Have A Presence In Them

For the last 20 yrs or so…..I have dreams about a huge house that I own, and every time I dream of it, I find another room that I didn’t know I had…..and I LOVE finding these rooms. Now, in every dream there is a staircase, and I know someone is up there, and sometimes I actually start climbing the stairs, but have not found the courage to go all the way to the top.

One night I dreamt that someone put my house up for sale, and there was a realtor talking to an interested couple, in MY living room. The realtor stepped out for a minute, so I walked over to them, and said, “You may not know this……but this house is haunted”…….they left immediately, but when I turned to leave, there was a lady standing by the window, wearing a long coat with a hood. I went over to her and proceeded to tell her that the house was haunted……..when she turned around to look at me, the skin on her face fell off leaving just her skull…..and she answered……….”I know”.



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