20 Creepy Catalog Readers Share The Most Horrifying Thing They Ever Lived Through

12. As It Crawled Across The Road

I live in a small town located in central Minnesota. Not much to do in terms of entertainment, so most of the time we made our own.

It was late August and me and a few friends were bored. We drove to the next town over to ghost hunt in this small backwoods cemetery. This cemetery is surrounded by corn fields on two sides and woods to the back. Maybe has 100 graves tops and isn’t used anymore. It was a pretty uneventful night so we decided to call it quits around 1am. The only way in and out of the cemetery is this small dirt road that curves through the whole place. We get in my SUV and start to leave with no problems. About half way to the entrance is a curve, as we go around we see something strange ahead on the side or road.

Thinking it was an animal I throw my brights on and slow down. Worst. Idea. Ever. We finally get a good look at this thing when it crawls across the road. Best way I can describe it is demonic. It was humanoid but this sickly grey/blue color. The knees were bent the wrong way and its body looked broken. It stopped in the middle of the road and just stared at us for what seemed like forever, but was probably not even a full minute. The eyes are what really haunt me. It had these almost reflective bright yellow eyes. As soon as it crossed the road it disappeared. We flew out of that cemetery as fast as possible and never went back.


13. Even The Animals Went Silent

So this happened when I was in my senior year of high school (2012) and back then my insomnia was pretty bad.

During the spring that year I was having a particularly hard time trying to sleep one night so at about 2:40 AM I decided to put in my VHS of ‘Clueless’ (my favorite movie at the time). About 15 minutes into the movie I finally start to doze off. Not long after, I doze off I start to feel super weird throughout my whole body, like a really weird floaty feeling. (Side note for people it wasn’t sleep paralysis I have that I am very familiar with how that feels and this was something different entirely)

So the floaty feeling starts to really intensify in my stomach. I start to get really weirded out and open my eyes. My body was no longer on my bed but floating up toward my ceiling. My arms and legs were at this point just coming up off my bed. The whole time I can see and hear everything on my tv in normal time. I begin to get closer and closer to my ceiling.

I begin to panic (obviously like who would be chill with that???) and begin to repeat the word “no” over and over in my head. As soon as I did that my body began to float down gently toward my bed with my arms and legs touching down first and my back last. So when I get back on my bed and feel like a normal person again I grab my phone and check the time and it was 3:05 AM.

The next day at school I told my best friend what happened and she was pretty weirded out. After school that day we were hanging out at my place and my sister comes up to us in the kitchen and asks me if I heard the frogs last night. I told her no and she responds with “yeah it was super weird at like 3 in the morning all the frogs stopped croaking at the same time”. My best friend and I just gave each other a look like wtf because that’s when i would have been floating.

I still have no idea what happened that night. Astral projection, maybe a really weird dream, or maybe aliens who knows.


14. It Sat On The Bed With Me

About two years ago, while I was still in college, I had something weird and pretty creepy happen (I’ve had quite a few paranormal experiences, but this one kind of takes the cake for creepy). It was a Saturday night/Sunday morning. My roommate was out of town and so I was in the apartment alone. I had fallen asleep without any problems but for whatever reason, I woke up at around 4:00 in the morning with a complete sense of dread. I knew something was in my room just watching me.

Naturally, I rolled over and pulled the comforter over my head. Not two minutes later, something sat on my side. It took a minute for this realization to dawn on me and at the same time my breath was caught in my throat. As a religious person, I finally caught my breath and said “In the name of God, leave”, and whatever it was left. A lot of people have asked me if it could have been sleep paralysis but I always remind them that I had just rolled over onto my side and was able to pull the blankets up. Whatever was there that night, it never made an appearance again.

I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night and I ended up calling a good friend of mine in the morning only to learn that she’d had a similar experience about a month earlier. Instead of something sitting on her, she had rolled over and something shoved her back, bowing her forward.

I won’t lie, I definitely didn’t skip church the next day.



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