20 Creepy Catalog Readers Share The Most Horrifying Thing They Ever Lived Through

4. The Demon On My Chest And The Frustrated Spirit


Growing up, my family and I always visited our family in Asia. I think I’ve been there about five times throughout the years until I moved to Asia when I was 18.

While on holiday over there, I would stay at my grandparents’ ancestral home which is about 80 years old by now. Part of our culture is siesta, much like the Spanish and Italians do – take afternoon naps, relax and rest up for the evening. I stayed in a room with 4 mirrors, 1 mirror on each wall, all directly across one or the other – I’ve been told this makes some sort of a portal or entryway for spirits. I had my first ever supernatural experience in this room.

I was taking a nap – but sleeping in the day time isn’t very easy. I woke up, but I couldn’t move at all, not even open my eyes. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t see anything. There was something sitting on top of my chest. It was an all black figure – no eyes, no mouth, no nose. All their feature were just represented by nubs or hollows on their face. Their fingers and hair just looked like thin little branches and they looked like they had just come out of an oil spill – they were that dark.

I assumed it was a girl. She was just staring at me, right into my eyes. She didn’t have eyes, but she saw me, looked at me, and knew who I was. She wouldn’t get up. She just sat their for what felt like a long time and it felt she was getting heavier and heavier with each passing minute. The key to waking up is to wiggle your toes or fingers, after you can do that, you’ll start to regain control of your body. That experience was only about two minutes long, but it felt like 10 or 15 minutes. I don’t ever sleep in that room anymore.


When I was 18 years old, I moved from Toronto, Canada to Southeast Asia. Until then, I never truly believed in ghosts and the supernatural. I didn’t deny their existence, it was just that their existence was not known to me. I grew up watching horror movies and television shows that have people spending nights in haunted castles and abandoned homes and hospitals, recording the strange and scary experiences they faced over the course of a few hours. I enjoyed the thrill, I just never thought I would get to experience it myself.

My cousins who lived in Asia constantly shared with us Westerners their stories – legends, myths, and those friend-of-a-friend’s tales which usually don’t end up being true.

I’m attending university in Asia to become a dentist, so study sessions at my nearby Starbucks were quite frequent in my earlier years of dental school. I was studying alone one night, and a friend and his classmate just happened to be studying as well.

We decided to have dinner at well-known Chinese restaurant. Since we drove separately, I lead the convoy. I was driving on my own and my friend and his classmate were in their car. We arrived at the plaza and had to walk up a flight of stairs from the parking lot to the restaurant. My friend walked with me. He asked me if I had any female relatives who had recently died.

The only woman of much importance who died was my grandmother when I was 9 years old. So, I told him no and asked why. He said that his classmate had told him as we were on the way to the restaurant, that there was a woman in my car sitting in the backseat on the passenger side. This classmate was known to have a third eye, meaning he could see what we call the “spirit world or ghost dimension”. The woman following me was also in the restaurant, following me up the stairs and standing near the table we were eating at. She was wearing a long night dress, very Victorian-esque, black silk gloves, and had long, black, stringy hair. I had no idea who she was which made for one of the scariest drives home.

After a while, I began to forget about her. She never made her presence known, so I labeled her as a “good” spirit – a protector of some sort.

About 6 months after I found out about my ghostly friend, I began to have trouble sleeping. It’s not that I couldn’t fall asleep, it was that I couldn’t sleep straight through the night. I was anxious, fidgeting, and struggled to find a comfortable position.

One night, I had this strong, unexplainable urge to sleep on my floor. I slept in the opposite direction as I would have on my bed. My feet were facing a wall and a window and my head was towards the door. I slept for a little while, a deep sleep. I started feeling a slow nudge at my side, almost as if someone had come to try to wake me up by tapping my side with their foot. I ignored it, but it kept getting stronger, so strong that at one point, my whole body was pushed directly to my bed. I couldn’t open my eyes – and I know what you’re thinking, it was just a dream and I was having sleep paralysis. I knew it wasn’t sleep paralysis.

Since I couldn’t move, I think that the spirit had gotten angry at me for sleeping on the floor, like I got in her way and she couldn’t walk freely. I felt two hands grab my ankles and pull me towards the wall and window. I literally saw my spirit walk out of my body and felt it walk to my mom’s room to ask for help, but she couldn’t hear me or feel me. I just had to try to slowly move my toes and fingers, a trick I learned from my cousins to overcome sleep paralysis like symptoms. I woke up sweating. Needless to say, I haven’t slept on the floor since and she hasn’t nudged me at my side.


5. The Predator

When I was a child, from the time I was about 4 or 5 until I was about 15 I would hear knocking on my windows and someone calling my name. My aunt who lived two houses down but about a quarter of a mile away (we lived in the country) had a boyfriend who lived with her and her children. He was always abusive to her and her sons and he always seemed to want to babysit me or have me on his lap if I was around. He was a creep to say the least. She left him when I was about 4 or 5 which is when the knocking started.

My mom used to take me to work with her until I started kindergarten, and one morning he ran out in the road in front of us from the woods near our house. He pulled a gun and started screaming at my mom but she knew he was dangerous so my dad insisted she keep a pistol with her when she left the house so she pulled hers and told him if he didn’t leave she would shoot. He ran away and she sped off.

A couple weeks passed and one night I heard it, the light tapping and knocking and someone softly calling my name from my bedroom window. My parents bedroom was upstairs and mine was downstairs. My brother was staying next door at his friends for the night so nobody heard it but me. I was so scared I wet the bed. I screamed for my mom but she told me it was a bad dream. This continued for a few years, hearing knocks about once a month but we never saw the person who was doing it.

One night a couple years after the first incident, my brother and I had stayed up watching a movie in the living room, and had fallen asleep on the couches. We heard knocking and a voice calling my name from outside the window. He got up quickly and quietly went to get my parents so that we wouldn’t alert the person knocking. My dad came down stairs with a gun and started screaming at the person and ran towards outside to catch the creep. They got away but the knocking didn’t stop.

When my brother got married and moved out when I was in 5th grade I would hear the knocking but would ignore it and would double check the window was locked and the curtains closed before bed every night. I just knew it was my aunt’s creepy ex. I could hear the voice and it was him but nobody believed me.

In 7th grade it happened again but he tried to break in through my window. I screamed and my mom called the cops while my dad went outside to try to catch him. He again got away and the cops said they couldn’t do anything since he never actually got in and they couldn’t prove it was him. My parents decided to move to a new house about 45 minutes away the next summer. But the week after the attempted break in we heard from my aunt that her ex had been in an accident and was paralyzed and in the hospital. The knocks stopped after that.

We still moved away but the years that the harassment went on were the most terrifying years of my life. I would always feel like I was being watched and we would also get strange phone calls where all we heard was breathing before the person hung up. When we moved we changed every phone number and everything. My parents taught me how to shoot in case anything ever happened. The creepy ex died a year after we moved and I know he was the one responsible for my years of terror and nightmares.

I’m 21 now and still cannot sleep without windows locked and curtains drawn and a light on in the room to see everything. I can’t stay anywhere by myself over night without having nightmares.



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