20 Creepy Catalog Readers Share The Most Horrifying Thing They Ever Lived Through

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via flickr – La Fotografia Italiana

On January 19th we asked the Creepy Catalog community “What’s The Creepiest Thing You’ve Ever Lived Through” and boy did people ever come through. Below are the 20 creepiest stories submitted to us from Creepy Catalog readers. As always, late night reading is the best/worst.

1. The Man In The Road

This didn’t happen to me, but it happened to my mother and she has told me the story a few times over the years. This happened when she was in college. She is turning 65 this year, so I guess it happened about 45 years ago.

She was born and raised in Tennessee and went to college there. A small college in eastern Tennessee that at the time was even smaller than it is now. The area has grown since then, but back then it was a small town and the outlying areas were mostly farms.

One weekend, her and her best friend (they were sorority sisters) were invited to a party out at another friend’s parent’s farm. Her best friend’s boyfriend offered to drive. So off they went…my mom, her friend Eileen and her boyfriend at the time (we’ll call him Jack). Since this was before GPS and cell phones they got lost in the back country trying to find their friend’s farm.

As they turned down a dirty road they were stopped after driving about a mile by a man standing in the middle of the road. He had no car that they could see and was wearing what looked like a police officer’s uniform. He approached the car and asked Jack to roll down the window and proceeded to ask them what they were doing out there. Eileen (in the passenger seat) said they were looking for their friend’s farm and must have taken a wrong turn. She then asked him if he knew where it was and if he could point them in the right direction.

Turn the engine off and get out of the car,” was his response.

My mom, sitting in the back seat, noticed that his uniform was somewhat dirty. She said that it was a navy blue uniform, so from far away you couldn’t tell, but as he was right next to her window she could see that it had dirty stains on the shirt and the pants themselves looked more like dark blue jeans instead of a police officers pants. Jack asked the officer why they needed to get out of the car and said that they were just lost and if they were trespassing that he’d be happy to turn the car around and go back the way they came.

“I don’t need you to argue with me, I need you to turn the engine off and you and the ladies need to get out of the car.”

My mom leaned forward into Jack’s ear and told him not to turn the car off. Eileen then pleaded with the officer that they were just looking for directions and they weren’t causing any trouble. The officer then leaned down more into the vehicle and told her to stop talking and looked at Jack again and told him to turn the car off. At this point my Mom said the tension was extremely high and she knew that something was very wrong. My mom whispered to Jack “just go, just go.” Jack became a little flustered and turned to look at my mom. That’s when my mom said louder “Jack just go!”

At that point the officer reached his arm into the vehicle and tried to grab the keys. Jack swatted his hand away and my mom screamed “Eileen!!” At that moment Eileen grabbed the stick shift (back then they were located on the steering wheel, not in the middle panel) and threw the car into gear. Jack pressed the gas and the car jolted forward and the officer was pushed away from the vehicle.

Here is where it gets really freaky. My mom then turned around to look through the back window as they were driving away and she saw two other men, behind a thick set of bushes, with chains. They had metal chains in their hands and they were hiding. At this point they were still freaking out because they had no idea where the road was going. Would it dead end? Would there be more men ahead? Everyone in the car was hysterical at this point. Luckily for them the dirt road met up with a paved road in a couple more miles.

They went back to campus and filed a report with campus police. Nothing ever came of it. Their friends with the farm never heard anything else about the men. There were no other reports about the men. Nothing. My mom said she would have almost been relieved to hear that they were escaped mental patients or criminals on the run. It would have been an answer. She said the most unsettling thing is that they just disappeared. To this day she believes she would have disappeared too if they had gotten out of the car.


2. Playmate Tragedy

My creepy story, I had to have been around five when one Sunday my dad received a call from friends of his asking him to grab some beers and join them. When we got there there were plenty of kids for me to play with but when we walked into the house there was a little girl my age on her hands and knees cleaning the floor while two drunk women sat drinking at the table.

The girl was my age maybe a year older, my dad scolded them and got the girl off the floor and sent her to play with me. I forget her name but I do remember playing with her for the rest of the day. As evening approached and the beer gone my dad proceeded to gather me up to go home, but just like any kid meeting new friends I cried to stay with my new friend. My dad had to promise me that we would return the next day to see her again.

The following day I went to school which was only a half day since I was in preschool and I was so excited to go see my new friend. When I arrived home off the school bus my dad wasn’t there to great me so I walked home by myself feeling like a big girl.

As I approached the back of the house I noticed a cop car and ran inside, excited, because it was different for me. My dad rushed my into my room and told me not to come out until he came for me. This felt like forever but it may have just been moments until he came back to my room. He was ashen white and his eyes were red rimmed with tears. Not knowing what happened I asked if we could go now to see my new friend. That’s when my dad proceed to tell me that we won’t be going there anymore, that my friend wasn’t there.

As a child, I didn’t understand what happened but as time went on and people talked I figured it out. After we left the little girl’s house the night before, her mother (one of the woman drinking at the table) had tortured and drown her daughter. It took a long time for all the details to be revealed to me but apparently the little girl had told her mother she was being abused by a family member and her mother wanted to ‘cleanse” her. So, she had boiled water on their stove and put her daughter in the tub and poured the water over her and scrubbed her with the brush she was previously washing the floors with when we arrived. She then held her under the water.

My dad told me later that all he could think about was how close he was to letting me stay there for the night and how glad this one time he said no to me.


3. I Woke Up And I Couldn’t Breathe!

My mom and I have always been somehow connected. I mean she feels when something is wrong with me and one time when I had a car accident she called me to ask if I was ok before I even told her about it.

One night, when I was only 17, I was asleep woke up suddenly because I couldn’t breathe. I felt really scared but I didn’t remember having a nightmare or anything. All of the sudden my mom opens my door and practically begs me to get the hell out of my room. So the next morning I asked what was all about and she said that she was dreaming about me. I was sleeping and an old man was kinda floating above me with his hands reaching for me.

I like to think that somehow it was a coincidence but I can still remember the feeling, like being asphyxiated.



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