15 Little Sisters Share The Childhood Experiences Only They Can Understand

15 Little Sisters Share The Childhood Experiences Only They Can Understand

1. “When I was little I used to be scared to death of our house at night and whenever I woke up and had to pee I would wake up my older sister and tell her even if she was completely asleep. She always complained but she also always went with me to the bathroom and talked to me through the door so I wouldn’t be scared.”— Irene, 30

2. “I had two older brothers who loved to punch each other on the shoulder and sometimes punch me in the shoulder too when our parents weren’t around. Eventually I learned from my middle brother how to throw a wicked hook. Of course I learned this just around the time that they were getting to hold to want to pick on me physically any more. Anyway, I did get to use what I’d learned when I was a Freshman in high school and one of the Junior boys decided he wanted to grab my ass from behind between classes. I didn’t even think and whirled around with my solid hook and hit him right in the eye. It puffed up like crazy and no boy ever tried to do that to me again.” — Sarah, 27

3. “My sister and I are a couple of years apart but we shared a room our entire childhoods. I do remember that we argued a lot but some of the best memories of my entire life are just of us just lying in our beds talking and laughing in the dark.” — Claudia, 23

4. “When I went on my first real date my older brother, who was in his first year of college, called me no less that fifteen times to make sure I was okay and my date wasn’t ‘trying anything.’ He was way more stressed than even my dad was. Then when he came home for Thanksgiving he acted like he’d never been concerned at all and wouldn’t acknowledge that he’d even called in front of our mom. He’s actually still like this and it’s both endearing and infuriating. It’s like, just admit you’re sweet!”— Melody, 21

5. “My sister is ten years older than I am so when she was going off to school and then getting a career started I was still a little girl and then a young teenager. But I remember very clearly that the times she came home from school or to visit where the times that I had my first conversations with an adult that treated me like I was an adult and could actually think about grown up ideas. It set off a real curiosity in me that I don’t know that I would have had otherwise.”— Alison, 29

6. “I have an older brother who tormented me until I was nearly twelve with stories about the witch in our attic that was just waiting to come down and steal me away and eat me. I’m convinced he even went into the attic above my room to make noise so that he could act like it was the witch walking around. It became such an ingrained fear that even when I go to visit my parents at age 25, the witch is still one of the first things I think of in my old room.”—Bea, 25

7. “When I was six and my brother was eight our Dad essentially abandoned the family and my brother, who had a lot of anger about it, went through this phase where he was sort of trying to be the Dad and would sometimes tell our Mom what to do or get mad at her. He definitely bossed me more and started getting in fights at school. He got better over the years but never really relaxed again about keeping me and my mom safe. We were close when I was little but we became basically best friends by the time we were in high school. I remember I mentioned how he’d acted when our Dad first left years later and he told me he’d been scared to death that somehow one or both of us would go away and that he wanted us near him all the time. He’s grown into a wonderful man.” — Haley, 26

8. “I grew up in a family of three older brothers and there are so many stories! One of my all time favorites though is my brother closest in age to me taught me how to ride a bicycle. There’s a special bond that you have with your older siblings, in my case, my older brothers that I think all little sisters can understand. Sure, my parents taught me things but in a way my brothers walked this fine line between being my brothers and also being incredibly responsible for me at the same time. Probably should say thank you for those childhood lessons more often.”— Kelly, 22

9. “The most vivid memory of my childhood is my brother, who is three years older than me, managing to zip my hair into my backpack because he thought it would be funny. This was not a simple fix.”— Madelyn, 24

10. “If you have an older sister who’s four years older than you there is no way she will ever want you around or want you to speak at all around her friends, ever. To my big sis I was a complete parasite that she tried to ignore as much as possible except when her friends weren’t around. It was good in a lot of ways though. I definitely learned that caring too much about what people think of you can make you miserable to be around.” —Jenny, 23

11. “My older brother made me play Madden with him like every weekend until I was twelve. When I started dating I would always beat all the guys in the room at Madden and then act like I’d never really played. It was awesome.”—Regina, 32

12. “My most hilarious story which was absolutely not funny at the time was when my older brother took rope, snuck into my room and literally tied me to the bed while I was still asleep. I woke up afterward and had no idea what was going on and he’d made sure he and our parents were outside when I woke up. I probably yelled for twenty minutes. He got in a lot of trouble for that.” —Jennifer, 24

13. “This isn’t really a childhood story and happened just a few years ago when our father died. My mother is notoriously flakey and was an emotional wreck which was understandable but when someone dies there’s things you have to do. So, my older sister did all of them. I remember after the funeral she came up to me and asked me how I was holding up which just floored me because she was the one holding in all her sadness and making sure the world could still go on so everyone else could grieve. She’s just that kind of person and I’m always amazed by her.” — Tanya, 28

14. “When I was five and my older sister was eight, she and I were playing in the neighborhood and a bulldog came out of nowhere and started chasing us. So we’re running and I, of course, fell down. My sister somehow literally picked me up and managed to run all the way home while carrying me.”—Mary, 25

15. “My mother told me this story about when I was first born and had been home about three days. My older sister asked her when I was going back to the hospital and my mom had to explain that I was staying forever. She said my sister was really sad about it because she wanted to keep being the baby.”—Karen, 31

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