11 Eerie Cosmic Signs From The Universe You’ve Definitely Experienced At Least Once

There are moments when, despite your logical, human, higher-reasoning-streamlined brain, you feel like there’s some reptilian force in the universe trying to show you something. Here are a few instances where you might feel compelled to listen.

1. When a streetlight goes out

Right as you’re driving by, the lamp dies. You’re thinking about someone or a thing you can’t get off your mind, and you look up, and it’s like someone is hitting a light switch in your brain.

2. When your text doesn’t send

You write an entire novel professing your feelings, hit send, immediately regret it, and then see that it didn’t send at all. Could it be? Yes. Someone loves you.

3. When you see the doppelgänger

You think you saw that person from your past, but you didn’t. It was just someone who looked like them. But then you walk into McDonald’s the next day, hoping you don’t see anyone you know, and wait…is that— it is!

4. When that song comes on

There’s always *that* song that comes on, the one that makes you think of them, makes you sob, right at the time when you feel like you need a goddamned sign of something, and there it is.

5. When you’re in a rush

You’re praying for every light to be green, and suddenly it’s like you haven’t seen a red light for miles. Every left turn you have to make goes without interruption from oncoming traffic. The roads feel smoother.

6. When you’re thinking of them

You pick up the phone to text the person you’ve been thinking of, and there they are.

7. When the radio redirects you

You’re driving and your favorite song is on, but then, static, and you start hearing different stations through the interference and every word you hear is like someone directly speaking to you. You stop like, uh, are these voices in my head? Is this my mental break? The song comes back on and you’re left wondering what just happened.

8. When you get the fortune cookie that is too real

So, so stupid. This can’t be a thing, right? I can’t actually be reading into a fortune cookie’s message right now? Whatever. This fortune cookie is giving me more guidance than I’ve received from my own parents in months.

9. When someone says the thing you were thinking about all day

For example, I was once on a plane with a friend and I was thinking about Beyonce, at a time when she wasn’t in the news and we were in Rome and we hadn’t been very ~in tune~ with pop culture. I started to think about her hair. My friend turned to me an hour later and said, “I wonder if Beyonce is still blonde.” And I know that’s a very broad topic, but come the fuck on.

10. When a song you hate comes on and suddenly it’s like you not only get it, but it was also written about you

You’ve heard this stupid song a hundred times, but today it aligns with your thoughts. It slides right in and activates a weird animal impulse in your brain; it’s your anthem, your battle cry. How? Why? You don’t know, but you go home and listen to it until you cannot hear anymore.

11. When someone is in your dream and it’s not them but you know it *is* them and they do a *thing*

You have a dream with someone in it, maybe someone you’ve been seeing. It’s that person, you know it is, but it is also somehow not that person? They have a different, weird face? But you know it’s them. They do something weird that you don’t like and you forget it when you wake up. Then you see them in person, they make some weird hand gesture, and suddenly it all floods your brain like the blood in the lobby in The Shining. You can’t even look at them the same way anymore, as if the universe whispered a secret in your ear as you slept and it made you realize some fundamental truth about this person that you knew all along: they aren’t right for you. Never were. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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