This Is For You When You're Feeling Unsettled In Life

This Is For You When You’re Feeling Unsettled In Life

To the you who feels unsettled, or the you who feels uncertain. To the you who feels stuck, or the you who feels unheard. To the you who doesn’t know how to make your dreams come true, or the you who doesn’t know what to do when your dreams do come true. To the you who is struggling silent battles, and the you who feels like you are falling behind.

To all of you: here is what I hope for you.

I hope you don’t make your big decisions based on what anyone else thinks is best for you, and that you do whatever it is that you know is best for you. I hope you do the things that make your eyes shine, and that you live for the moments that make you feel like you are on cloud nine, even if others don’t understand. I hope you don’t rush through life out of fear that time is slipping away from you, and that instead, that you savor the sweet moments and view the harder times as opportunities for growth. I hope you don’t focus so much on all of the “shoulds” that you forget to fall in love with the all of the “coulds.” I hope you always leave space in your life for possibility, as the world has so much to offer, and you are only just getting started.

I hope you trust the timing of your life, and that you follow your own path without worrying so much about what everyone else is doing or how fast they are moving.  I hope you know that you don’t have to always be moving at full speed ahead. I hope you know that staying still for a minute is not a flaw or a failure, and that sometimes we need to pause before we know how to make our dreams come true. I hope you know that the journey is part of the fun, and that you will reach your destination in the timing that is best for you. And when you are afraid, or when you feel stuck in life, I hope you find the courage to take just one teensy step forward. And I hope you know that a step forward of any size will never be too small of a step.

I hope you don’t spend so much of your energy planning for the perfect future that you forget all about what you have in the present. I hope you don’t miss out on the beautiful sunsets reflecting perfectly in your car mirror, or the subtle beds of roses blooming on the side of the road because you are too busy worrying about next week, or next month, or next year. I hope you don’t get too stuck in the past, or too far in the future, and I hope you learn how precious each moment is, and you make the most of your time here on this earth.

I hope you know that there is always something waiting for you out there. When things go wrong, or when you experience a change of heart, I hope you know that life always has more to offer you. I hope you know that there is always more to you out there. And I hope you take the time to figure out what part of the “more” you need. I hope you hold on long enough and that you give life the chance to surprise you. I hope you don’t give up, because the truth is, the tides really can change overnight.

I hope you trust that each chapter of your story has a purpose. Maybe you don’t know the title of the chapter you are in now, but one day you will. I hope you settle in to the uncertainty and realize that uncertainty often leads to remarkable things, and that each season of your life will better you in one way or another.

I hope you stop overthinking every little part of life so damn much, and that you realize that some things are best left unanswered and that other things will be answered in due time. I hope that you know that it’s okay to not have everything figured out, and that it’s okay to just trust yourself and to trust life. I hope you know that a little bit of faith can go a long way, and that things will work out for the best if you have patience and let them.

I hope you know that heartaches are only temporary, and that they lead to even stronger hearts in the long run. I hope you aren’t afraid of having your heart broken, because sometimes your heart needs to break to create space for the person or the thing that will make your heart whole.

I hope you can forgive yourself for all of your past mistakes. You did what you knew at the time, and now you know how to do better. What you didn’t know then, you do know now. So now that you know better, you will do better. Know this and trust this.

I hope you remember that good things always come to those who wait. So keep waiting patiently. And enjoy the wait, knowing that you are waiting for something special. Knowing that you are waiting for something that will make all of the falls and all of the tears worthwhile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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