16 Reasons Left-Handed People Are Truly Superior Human Beings

Elise Mesner
Elise Mesner

1. The world doesn’t cater to us. We are all used to the daily struggle of right-handed desks in classrooms, power tools, steak knives, checkbooks (do people still use those??). These (and so much more) were designed for the majority of people who are righties. We have to adapt and persevere in a world not designed for us.

2. Left-handed people have better, and hotter, sex. A study suggested that 86% of lefties were happy with their sex life, only 15% of right-handed people said the same.

3. Lefties tend to make much more money than righties. According to some studies, left-handed people make roughly 15 – 26% more than their right-handed peers.

4. We are actually much better at sports! The rules of many sports are designed for righties, so oftentimes when we play we can totally exploit that. Baseball is a great example of this, the batting position allows us to keep an eye out on first base.

5. We can basically see underwater. You think I’m joking, but actually left-handed people have exceptional underwater vision compared to right-handed people.

6. Lefties are much more suited to multi-tasking. Being left-handed means you have to force you brain to focus more quickly, which makes juggling multiple things MUCH easier.

7. Which also makes us MUCH more creative in general. We tap into that coveted right side of our brain a lot more than righties, and can often come up with fabulous works of art, or unique solutions to longstanding problems!

8. Left-handed people tend to be geniuses. Not to brag, but about 20% of Mensa (basically the society for geniuses) are made up of left-handed people. Who else was left-handed? Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Ben Franklin.

9. AND natural born leaders. Think of our last several Presidents: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush — they were all left-handed! Left-handed people know to not go with the flow, and are willing to stand up for themselves and for others!

10. Also, in terms of fun, lefties are also better at video games. I think it has to do with that multi-tasking thing we are awesome at!

11. And when shit hits the fan, we’re also better at fighting. Nobody expect to get hit from that side, so we have a built-in element of surprise.

12. Lefties are typically better with music and rhythm. We got that right-brain action to keep us right in-key! So we are better musicians, better dances, better…everything?

13. Our creative skills are also super practical. Of the original Apple developers, 4/5 were left handed!

14. We are less likely to develop addictions, including to alcohol — so party on!

15. We are super unique! Only 10% of the world is left-handed, so we are part of a cool and exclusive little club!

16. We’ve been oppressed for centuries — usually accused of being witches or sorcerers — but our genes have always carried on. Probably because we are absolutely exceptional human beings! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Very famous IRL (at least to my son!)

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