A 6 Step Guide To Inducing An Out Of Body Experience


An out of body experience (commonly referred to as a OBE) is the experience that some people have had of leaving their bodies, typically during sleep or meditation.

Having one feels as if you exit your body in a second energetic body. It can be incredibly exciting or terrifying. If you’re curious like I am it’s an experience that is worth trying once. I am not a trained yogi, nor have I gone off to some mountainous land to meditate in the presence of skilled monks. I have, however, successfully induced OBEs in myself several times and I have taught this method to others with success. Although, I can not guarantee that you will have an out of body experience by following the steps listed below, they are a good starting point in exploring the energy centers (chakras) of the body and are great for achieving deep relaxation. This is also not the only method to have an OBE, but one I have used quite a bit.

I was able to regularly experience OBEs only after studying meditation for nearly ten years. So don’t fret if it doesn’t happen right away. For starters study the chart below of the chakras paying special attention to where they are in your body. In the steps that follow you will see how I pay close attention to my chakras in order to leave my body.


**Some people refer to OBEs as astral travel or astral projection; some also consider them separate flavors of the same idea. I am using the terms OBE, astral travel and astral projection synonymously throughout this text. Also note that astral body refers to the non-physical body one uses to walk around with during an out of body experience.


I detoxify and clean out my diet for a while. I have more success becoming relaxed and reaching deep states of meditation when I am healthy. Drinking a lot of water and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, etc. are nearly mandatory for me if I want to have an OBE. Some foods that have been helpful for me are raw fruits and vegetables, organic proteins and spring water.


I create a regular time outside of my normal sleep schedule to practice meditation. Meditation is the key I have found to inducing an OBE. My body has to become completely relaxed and my mind still before my “astral body” will leave my physical body. Also, meditating at the same time everyday makes me feel more ready to relax.


Begin a simple meditation routine with the time you’ve set aside to practice. To begin I lay down. I have noticed I can only leave my body from this position. For the first few days of practice, I simply focus on stillness. The best way to do this is by focusing on the breath. I see in my mind’s eye, my breath moving in and out of me. If this imagery is not enough to keep me focused, I then begin to imagine a white thread moving in and out of the area between my eyebrows. The thread is very long and goes through my eyes and then through the back of my head, but as the thread moves in and out it neither flows all the way in or all the way out of my head. I watch the thread gliding inward with each inhale and out of my third eye center (synonymous with the 3rd eye chakra) with each exhale.


I move focused energy around the chakra system. Once I have achieved focus in step three I will notice a tingling or cool energy at my third eye center. Feeling this energy indicates for me that I am ready to move this sensation throughout the chakra system. I start at my crown chakra. With my mind I imagine the energy being moved from between my eyebrows to the crown of my head. I breathe in and out 3-5 times with my focus at the top of my head. As soon as I have completed several rounds of inhalations and exhalations I move the energy to the next chakra, which is the third eye chakra. I perform 3-5 rounds of inhalations and exhalations and repeat this series of events until all of my chakras have been “breathed into.” I move the energy downward from the crown chakra towards the root chakra. It is helpful here to create different imagery for each chakra. For the third eye I chose the thread. Here are some other visual stimuli I use for the chakras:

Root- The color red, a feeling of grounding, seeing the earth, feeling the earth at my feet

Sacral- The color orange, feeling sexual, feeling desire, feeling creativity, imagining my creative energy going out into the world or the feeling of being fertile

Solar Plexus- The color yellow, the feeling of power, the sun, being at the highest height

Heart- The color green, plants, sometimes I envision the color of rose quartz or rose quartz itself, trees, love, compassion for all beings, self-love

Throat- The color blue, sound moving in and out, sometimes when I am at this chakra I sing or chant- anything spontaneous will do try a few ooohs, aaahs or oms, sometimes I imagine the wind

Third Eye- The color indigo, I also envision indigo blue as ice or just “coolness” like a cool icy beam of light striking me between the eyes

Crown- The color violet, I also envision a very powerful almost clear shiny light, I envision my head opening up and light pouring in, fearlessness, truth, purity

Once I have gone from the crown to the root, I reverse the pattern and go from the root to the crown- carrying the energy as I do. After that is complete I repeat the exercise 1-5 more times with one inhale/exhale per chakra. At this point the exercise feels cyclical and my consciousness feels as if it has shifted.


Opening the door through the sacral chakra. Moving the energy around that much may not be necessary if you have been practicing meditation for a long time. In my case, I can only get through just a few rounds of moving my energy before the door to an OBE opens up for me. What usually happens is my sacral chakra will become very vibrant. I will notice feelings of sexual desire, lust and creativity. I also begin to feel very energized. I move my energy into my sacral chakra at this time. I breathe into the sacral chakra only focusing on the breath and fearlessness. Some lucky people may have experienced this door opening in their earlier rounds of moving energy throughout the chakra system. When this happens I use the opportunity to experience an OBE without overburdening myself with continuing to move my energy around.


Lifting off. After I breathe into the sacral chakra, which is typically a set of 5-10 inhalations and exhalations, my astral body seems to lift off by itself. I may also think about leaving my body. Conscious choice definitely aids the situation. During one practice this moment felt like a second body inside of me sat up, uncrossed its legs and stood up next to me. Once I leave my body I am able to walk around.

That is how I have always been able to induce OBEs in myself. Getting out of an OBE can be difficult, but there are a couple of simple ways to accomplish the task. You can either reverse the process, getting back into your body and waking up naturally the same way you would during meditation. Or, if you’re adventurous like me you might consider really breathing into the sacral chakra and awakening yourself via orgasm, which is absolutely possible to experience without physical stimulation. 

I want to also mention that I don’t think OBEs are always safe. Please know that some people experience dark energies similar to those experienced during sleep paralysis. I know this from experience as I suffer from sleep paralysis on occasion and have felt the same dark energy during those states as I have while out of my body. As a side note- I have also experienced OBEs during sleep paralysis. The scariest moment of an OBE can be waking up from one. Three tips I have found to help with coming out of an OBE safely include the following, which certainly do sound a bit witch-doctor-y but so does this whole article so I’m going to go there:

1. Hmong Shaman split horns

While shopping at a Hmong marketplace I stumbled upon an interesting object- an animal horn split in half. I asked the shopkeeper what it was for and he explained that Hmong shamans used the horns as divination tools. In addition, the horns helped the shaman to not lose his body during his shamanic journeys. I only heard this information from one source, but I purchased the horns and always keep them next to my bed since I often leave my body at night.

2. Crystals

Crystals can certainly help protect you during astral travel. Apophyllite is one known crystal that many have used for this purpose. The crystal that is the most protective for me is a big piece of moonstone carved into the shape of a dog. I sleep with this near my bed alongside the split horns. A dog has always been symbolic of protection for me having its likeness carved into a stone that has been long known as an amulet for protection is perfect to use during astral projection.

3. Mantras

I have one mantra that I use while astral traveling and I repeat it to myself before I start to induce any type of meditation so that it is easy for me to recall. This mantra is also helpful while experiencing negative dreams. You just say the word “Up.” If it doesn’t work on the first try you say it again “Up.” I repeat the word and feel myself lifting up into higher, safer realms or even lifting up into wakefulness. This could be another way to wake up from an OBE.

4. Have Pure Intentions

If you have pure intentions with astral traveling or during OBEs you will have a pleasant experiences. I have had students in the past who have abused this gift and have only found trouble while practicing. 

I am available to answer any questions. Please contact me at my bio page. I wish you happy travels and if nothing else, a greater sense of peace and relaxation as the above exercises are excellent for entire body relaxation even if you never get to leave your body! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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