10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Yoga

3- What’s the most important organ?

Did you say the heart? I’m afraid that’s not so for yogis.

Did you say your genitals? Tsk tsk!

The main organ in the body from the yogic perspective is actually two of them: the lungs. And when you think about it:

a) if breathing is the most important function (as per (2)) then this makes sense,

b) if you need both the heart and the lungs to live or else you die, then why not chose lungs? After all, they are AS important as the heart, and finally

c) the workings of the heart are pretty much beyond our control (unless we are very advanced at yoga) but the workings of our lungs (expand capacity, slow their rhythm) is in the realm of our control through the way in which we breathe (on which yogis tend to become experts).

4- It’s 24/7 practice 

True yogis practice yoga every second of the day. You don’t choose yoga. It chooses you.

You are not just practicing when you’re standing on your head, you’re practicing when you delete the crappy people out of your life so your mental energy is not totally consumed by hating or judging and can be directed to more beautiful and useful things, like becoming the radiant person you already are.

These suggestions for daily life are all included in what some consider the “bible” of yoga, a compilation written 2,500 years ago — give or take — called the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The specific line about dealing with crappy people does not say much. It just says: “ignore.”



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