25 Of The Quickest Turnoffs

1. Being unnecessarily rude to restaurant staff. Even if the food is cold there are ways to return it without being a complete jackass.

2. Pulling out a cigarette in front of an anti-smoker (same goes for dipping/chewing tobacco.)

3. Cockiness – specifically unwarranted arrogance accompanied by a smug attitude.

4. Constant bashing of an ex lover.

5. Lack of a sense of humor – unless they’re the one dishing it out.

6. Overstaying your welcome at their place. If they don’t offer you closet space or a holder for your toothbrush, don’t strong-arm your way to one.

7. Excessively aggressive in competition. If it’s miniature golf, there’s no reason to angrily throw clubs after missed putts.

8. Flaking – because flakes are some of the most unappealing individuals to build any type of relationship with.

9. Saying that you hate drama, but being the dramatic person who is regularly involved in petty drama.

10. Knowing everything about everything that’s ever could, would, should, has or will ever happen in the history of the world.

11. Subpar hygiene. Deodorant is a necessity, as is the brushing of teeth.

12. Being consumed by a cell phone.

13. Calling and texting too often.

14. Calling and texting too little.

15. A television dictator. Meaning they, and only they, can operate the remote control.

16. Being goalless and content with life — having zero aspirations for the future.

17. Horrifying spelling. A text riddled with basic errors can be a deal breaker. Not abbreviations — but messages that look like the Zodiac-killer wrote them and take forever to decode.

18. Constant negativity. If you hate every bar, club, drink, song and aspect of life – that wears others out.

19. Vulgar language finding its way into every, single, sentence spoken.

20. Insecure searches for compliments.

21. Baseless cattiness, malicious comments and disdain toward others.

22. Promiscuity. After sleeping with an entire group of friends or acquaintances, an un-dateable reputation is built.

23. Liars – but not even about significant stuff. Just unnecessary lies, made up stories and exaggerations when a fib is pointless.

24. Mockery and criticism of someone’s religious beliefs – or lack thereof.

25. Holding too much value in the words of articles like this one. Everybody hates being generalized. TC Mark

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