8 Modern Day Double Standards

1. The topless guy. When we’re in public and we spot a fit dude with chiseled abs, a pec-tacular chest and no shirt, it’s easy to say, “What a tool/douche/showoff/shmuck, etc.” But what if that man isn’t built like a Greek god? When a pudgy, doughy-bodied dude goes shirtless, we don’t say a word. We may squirm a little, and envy his confidence, but we don’t think he’s conceited. Or even skeleton-esque, skinny guys — they get a free pass as well. Perhaps it’s only fair to consider that every physically fit, topless guy isn’t arrogant or egotistical, maybe he’s just feeling hot — temperature wise.

2. The bad driver. You attempt to switch lanes. Last second you spot a car right next to you, and swerve back into your lane. They may honk, but you’ll still be defensive. It’s their fault for driving in your blind spot! Now reverse the scenario. You’re driving and someone unexpectedly merges into your space. You’ll question the legitimacy of their license, their blood-alcohol level, and why the universe allowed their existence. We’re all so critical of others on the road, but in reality nobody’s perfect. It can be an accident when you do it, but it’s flat-out incompetence when somebody else does.

3. The physically abusive lover. On occasions where poor-tempered females slap, punch, push, kick or throw things at a dude, it’s not always taken very seriously. Often her being pissed off is considered to come with reasonable cause. However, when a guy gets physical with a girl, it’s considered inexcusable behavior, and he’s instantly loathed. Now, in my personal opinion, there’s no scenario in which putting your hands on a female with the intentions of harming her is condonable. If the woman is trying to land blows or use a weapon, then obviously there are precautionary measures that must be taken (e.g. holding her tightly). My point is that physical abuse isn’t acceptable from either side, and it shouldn’t be treated differently based on the gender of the aggressor.

4. Jokes vs. insults. Since few of us are courageous enough to get on stage and perform standup comedy routines, we often feel the urge to release our humor in other ways. Unbeknownst to some unfortunate individuals, they’ll be the targets of our jokes. Maybe we’ll poke fun at what they’re wearing, or something they say — with the intentions of earning laughs. The thing is, when the scenario is reversed and the hilarity is at your expense, it might not be so funny. When someone’s comments are directed toward you, they aren’t amusing — and the attempted jokes feel a lot more like insults. If you’re going to dish out wittiness, be willing to be served some in return.

5. Dating the elderly. If a younger male dates or hooks up with older women, it is said that he just likes cougars. This isn’t typically considered taboo either. Matter of fact, many fellas will probably offer their mature-lover having friend a fist bump of approval. When it’s a younger woman dating an older man, she’s often times labeled a gold-digger. It’s unclear why a lady having a thing for men of a certain age is always in question, but who’s to say it’s not genuine feelings with no ulterior motives?

6. Recognizing good looks. It’s very common to hear a girl compliment the physical appearance of another woman. They call each other beautiful, and nobody thinks twice. However, if a dude were to tell another dude he’s handsome, a few heads would turn. I believe this is partly because it’s not typically in some men’s nature to audibly admire their fellow fellas. Whatever the case, guys can recognize when another man is good looking; I know damn well that Chris Hemsworth and Idris Elba are aesthetically pleasing to the ladies. It’s not because I find them attractive, but I understand why many women would.

7. Virgins. A guy who hangs onto his V-Card for a lengthy stretch is often labeled incapable of acquiring women. When it’s a female, she’s likely to be praised. The issue with this double standard is the foolish folks, who disregard the fact that a male might actually not want to have sex. Whether it’s because of religious beliefs, strict morals, high standards, or any other reason.

8. Breakup bad guy. Not all relationships end on great terms, and often times somebody has to be the villain. Unfortunately, this can be lose-lose for a guy. If he initiates the separation, he’s a jerk. If he’s the dump-ee, then various people assume it’s because he was a jerk, who deserved it. Sometimes the demise of a couple results in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t debacle for the male. TC Mark

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