The New ‘Scream’ Movie May Have Confirmed Two Of Your Favorite Characters Are Alive

The new Scream (2022) is (accurately) being described as “a love letter to horror fans”. It makes sense then that it’s chock full of Easter eggs for horror fans to discover. We’ve already discussed how one of those little details is about Sidney Prescott’s love life and how she’s probably married to a character from Scream 3.

The other most important Easter egg in Scream (2022) is that it gives us canon confirmation that a fan favorite character survived the events of Scream 4 (2011). When Ritchie is watching YouTube in the hospital, we see on the sidebar suggestions an interview with Kirby Reed, “Woodsboro Survivor”. Boom. It’s cannon:

A great catch by polyghostfacehours on Tumblr.

What’s more, there’s a second hint in this scene that’s meant to cause celebration among fans. The last suggested video title reads: “Did the real-life Stu Macher survive?”


Die-hard Scream fans know that early on the plan for Scream 3 was for Matthew Lillard to return as Stu Macher, having survived the events of the original Scream and living a secret second life as a teacher. A group of students were committing the murders inspired by the Stab movies and encouraged by Stu. They were a kind of fan club for the original murders and wanted fame for themselves.

Now with the seeds planted, could this be the plot of Scream 6?

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