‘Scream’ (2022) Hinted At A Major Off Screen Love Story For Sidney Prescott And Another Character

Because of the whodunit nature of the Scream franchise I’ll share this fun hint the film gives about Sidney’s off-screen love life without giving major spoilers for Scream (2022) like the identity of the killers or the fate of any characters until fans have had a chance to watch!

I was able to attend an advanced viewing of Scream (2022) last night and I left the theater happy with the latest addition to my favorite film franchise. Scream is (ACCURATELY) being described as “a love letter to horror fans” and it was filled with little easter eggs that I can’t wait to go back and discover when I’m able to rewatch it. Scream is only in theaters now, but it will hit Paramount+ on February 28, 2022.

One fun easter egg I was able to catch in the beginning of the movie is that I *think* fans are meant to assume Sidney Prescott has settled down with one of the characters of Scream 3 (2000).

When we first catch up with Sidney in Scream (2022), she says she is “taking the girls to school” later. She is also pictured jogging with a stroller which means she may have three or more kids by now! That’s a big change from the last time we saw her in Scream 4 (2011) when she was on a book tour for Out of Darkness and presumably single. 11 years is more than enough time to fall in love, get married, and start a family and the changes suit her character. It also makes sense when you look back at the electric chemistry she shared with her future husband in Scream 3.

While we do not meet her family, she does mention her husband by name: Mark. Scream fans might assume this is Patrick Dempsey’s character Mark Kincaid, the LAPD homicide detective who survived Scream 3 (2000) with Sid and the gang. It’s certainly cute to think of the two of them falling in love off-screen, and a fun treat for fans.

Mark Kincaid played by Patrick Dempsey (right) in Scream 3 was absent from Scream 4 because Dempsey was filming Grey’s Anatomy.

Mark’s character was entirely absent from Scream 4 and we haven’t heard anything about him since he survived Scream 3. We did learn from a deleted Scream 4 scene that Neil Prescott has passed away, and now with Kate and Jill Roberts also deceased the family Sidney has formed is all she has left going in this year’s installment.

Sidney Prescott and Mark Kincaid in Scream 3.

Seriously, these two have a really fun to watch chemistry and I can totally see this love story happening:

Did you catch the Sidney-Mark allusion? Do you buy the off-screen romance theory? I’ll have to watch Scream again before I commit, but I think it makes a lot of sense.

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