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The Best Beauty Products I Bought From Sephora, Target, and Amazon In 2017

This face oil saved my life, basically.
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Hask Nourishing Monoi Coconut Shine Oil Vials


I am obsessed with these tiny, $2 vials!!! I originally got a few for travel (which they are great for) but I transitioned to basically using them every time I shower. They’re so cheap, make my hair very moisturized and tangle free before I comb it out, and they make my hair smell super yummy.

Herbivore Phoenix Face Oil


This face oil saved my life, basically. I have never liked face oil because I don’t like the texture of it on my skin and it tends to feel gritty after awhile, but Kendra Syrdal recommended it highly and my skin was in desperate need of something more hydrating than regular moisturizer so I bought it. The Sephora cashier geeked out when I brought it to the counter and started telling me how much she loves it and how its so much better/different than other products. I noticed a big change in my skin: it’s way more hydrated, it’s softer, it looks brighter. I also use it on other problem areas (elbows, the little spot the underwire rests on the side of my chest) I can’t seem to keep hydrated and it actually helps where applying layer after layer of lotion has not.

Eden’s Garden Good Night Oil

Eden’s Garden

This is an aromatherapy blend you put on your pillows to help get better sleep. It counts as a beauty product because everyone on the planet looks better when they aren’t sleep-deprived and stressed out. Getting enough sleep is one of the best things I did for my health + beauty this year and one of the changes I made in order to consistently get enough sleep is to use sleep oil every night. It might seem like a silly little thing but aromatherapy is powerful and it helps trigger the idea in my mind that it’s time to transition into relaxing and sleeping. It also makes your bed feel like a fancy spa bed.

Origins VitaZing


This is the only makeup I wore all summer. It’s a very light tinted moisturizer and makes you look dewey and amazing and also has SPF.

Tony Moly Shiny Foot Super Peeling Liquid

Tony Moly

I use this 2-3 times a year to get rid of all the dead skin on my feet and it’s messy but worth it because I never have to fuck with my feet at all other than this. It comes with cute little booties you wear for an hour and then a few days later your entire foot basically peels off which is gross and fascinating. The Tony Moly kit is the best because the booties fit and there’s little stickers that help the initial process not be messy.

Origins Modern Friction


This is and old favorite of mine and I’ve never found a better facial exfoliator. I also think a facial exfoliator is the #1 most important thing you can do for your skin. So… this one is a must for me. It gets really deep but doesn’t cut your skin up (lots of cheap exfoliators do this) and also has lemon oil in it so you look really bright afterwards. TC mark

I asked women to tell the story behind one of their Instagram photos 📸

“This is me on the roof of my building forcing myself to laugh. Every time I make my best friend take photos of me I remember that I’ve been single for 5 years and don’t have anyone to be in the photo with me. I’m just alone. My hair looks good though.”

This is the reality of Instagram...
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Read more books in 2018…

Cut yourself some slack. One of the biggest regrets most people have about their 20s is that they didn’t enjoy them more. And I’m not talking about “buy more expensive dinners, take another trip to Thailand” type of enjoyment. I mean having the ability to take a deep breath and sip coffee in the morning knowing that you have done, and are doing, your best.

“These essays are slowly changing my life, as the title promises. As my friends’ birthday come along, they will all be receiving a copy of this wonderful book.” – Janie

Amazon: 4.8/5 stars
Goodreads: 4.29/5 stars

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