Nick Picked The Worst One

Nick gave his final rose to Vanessa and they’re engaged now. Cool. I’m glad I watched an entire show about this and then another show where Chris Harrison pretended Vanessa had a personality.

I have some lingering questions.

Why did Nick go on The Bachelor to meet Vanessa? You can go on eHarmony and meet as many girls exactly like Vanessa as you want (they are literally ALL on eHarmony).

Why does it seem like they don’t even like each other?

Why was this whole season about how the most important things in Vanessa’s life are her family and her students and she’s dropping them both for a 36-year-old soon to be FIVE time reality TV failure?

Why does this whole relationship make me feel gross?

If you can work any of this out, let me know!

Last night we also got to meet some of the dudes for Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette and they seem hot and cool. I have high hopes for her season. I’m mostly excited for Paradise and the entire Nick-less future of Bachelor Nation. (Oh god, they’re going to bring him back for Rachel’s season aren’t they?). God help us. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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