11 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Libra

11 Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Libra

1. Libras have the best social skills in the Zodiac. People love them. People love to be around them. They are the wrong person to date if you are easily jealous or a total homebody, but the perfect person to date if you are looking for a partner in crime to take over the world with.

2. Secretly, Libras are total suckers for flattery. You can never compliment a Libra too much — as long as it’s genuine, they can smell a lie a mile away.

3. Libras can also be incredibly hard on themselves. The best advice you can give your Libra is to not judge themselves more harshly than they would judge one of their dear friends.

4. If you’re having a dispute with someone, have a Libra mediate. They are amazing problem solvers and understand how to be fair and keep all parties happy.

5. A Libra will be the star of your relationship, whether you’re in agreement or not.

6. Libras love love and they spend a lot of their young life focused on finding a partner. When they find one, they make them the center of their lives and social circle, in a coveted place above even their most treasured friendships.

7. There aren’t a lot of problems Libras can’t charm their way out of. When dating one, expect to be surprised by all the random favors people seem to love doing for your Libra. This is just their normal life!

8. Libras are more fundamentally moral than other signs. They will have a very hard time lying or cheating someone longterm.

9. An ideal date for a Libra involves the opportunity to charm many of their favorite people at once. An outing with their inner circle, no matter what you do, will always make for a great night.

10. In the history of the world, a Libra has never been attracted to someone who wasn’t a great conversationalist.

11. Libras tend to be old souls and appreciate the finer things in life. They are intelligent and have great taste when it comes to movies, music, books and art. They would love to get you excited about something that has excited them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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