La Croix Is My Religion: 6 Truths People Who Are Addicted To Sparkling Water Understand

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1. Flat water is actually gross. Sparkling water addicts know how great water is. We drink our recommended glasses per day. We prefer the pure stuff to sugary drinks or soda. But — we know just how much better flat, viscous water can be. We prefer water in it’s very best form: infused with a good amount of Co2.

2. There is nothing more refreshing than the crisp, spicy taste of carbonated water hitting your lips. It’s what you think about on a sweltering day or when you’re working out — not just hydrating but the actual feeling of the bubbles delivering the perfect combination of water and fizz to your refined water palate.

3. There’s a wide world of delicious cocktails out there, and all you need to make them is a few different kinds of La Croix. Every liquor in the world mixes with sparkling water. If you’re going for the Goop-iest thing you can think of, mix your homemade probiotic juice + unflavored La Croix + liquor of your choice. Boom, you are now ready to be interviewed about your discerning tastes and unique diet.

4. Every vice is able to be swapped out for a much healthier one: sparkling water addiction. Sparkling water easily replaces soda or juice. You can add frozen fruit to sparkling water for an afternoon treat instead of hitting the vending machine or fridge for a snack you don’t have the calorie budget for. If you don’t want to drink but you want to feel like you’re doing something fun you can order soda water + lime, or bring them with you to a party. It still feels like you’re enjoying something special and fun, just without the guilt or diet derailment.

5. The more sparkling water you drink, the less tap water you consume. Most sparkling waters are made by infusing normal bottled spring water with carbon dioxide. Spring water is free from contaminants found in normal tap water, so every time you replace one with the other you’re ingesting less of the bad stuff.

6. Hydration is life. If you’ve ever been a normal person drinking way under the recommended amount of water and staying in a constant state of dehydration via coffee — and then started drinking enough water — you know the importance of water in a person’s diet. It’s also one of the easiest things you can do to have a big impact on your health. It can be hard (and even out of your control) to get enough sleep and diet is infamously difficult for people to consistently get right, but hydration is as easy as reminding yourself to drink throughout the day. When you enjoy your water (Hello La Croix coconut water!!!) it’s something you can accomplish unconsciously. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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