47 Men Who Don’t Say ‘I Love You’ On How They Show They Care Instead


1. “I prefer hugs to words. I give her a long hug hello and goodbye.”

2. “I do things that need to be done around the house, I never play with my phone while she’s talking, I rub her feet when she’s had a long day (nurse), and do my best to provide financially for our family.”

3. “I shovel our driveway all winter before she gets up and mow the lawn all summer. I help with other chores too but I take pride in knowing my wife never has to worry about the outside stuff.”

4. “I let our dog out in the morning and then I bring my girlfriend coffee and the newspaper so she can read it in bed while I get ready for work.”

5. “I travel a lot for work but I during my free time I’m always snapchatting my girlfriend whatever cool thing I see in the city I’m in from tourist spots to just what my hotel looks like. I want her to feel connected to me even when I’m gone.”

6. “I always let her be the small spoon.”

7. “I think its way more important to show people you care about them than to tell them. I like to be physically affectionate with my wife and I do specific things for her like run and put gas in her car so she doesn’t have to do it on the way to work.”

8. “I bring her chocolate and wine when she’s having cramps.”

9. “I don’t snip at her even when I’m stressed out. I make a huge effort to let little things go, I plan dates for us, I sleep in the wet spot.”

10. “I give her an hour long back rub every Friday night when we’re chilling out and watching TV.”

11. “I don’t skip ahead when we’re binge-watching a show. I want to experience it with her.”

12. “I touch her butt.”

13. “For every holiday or special occasion I buy her a card and write a few things I appreciate about her. I’m not great with words but I make a special effort those days.”

14. “I make it a point to always do what I say I am going to do and be where I say I am going to be.”

15. “I text her funny jokes at work.”

16. “I show her through my kisses, by giving her orgasms, by holding her, respecting her, and occasionally cooking a multi-course dinner of some crazy recipe I found online.”

17. “I prefer physical affection to words. My gf never has to ask for a hug or a kiss, I keep my arm around her as much as possible, etc.”

18. “I work long hours at a job that will provide a solid future for both of us.”

19. “My girlfriend has anxiety so I support her when she’s worrying and take care of things that stress her out like paying bills and dealing with emergencies, and I make sure I’m there for her when she’s around her family.”

20. “I be a man she can depend on. I help her through her problems, listen to her, and make her feel better when she’s down.”

21. “I never complain about going to her (frequent) work events even though I hate them. It’s part of her job and it’s important to her that I show up and support her.”

22. “I write her shitty songs and sing them and play shitty guitar.”

23. “I hate saying mushy words but I fucking love making her playlists of mushy music that we both love. I’ll spend a lot of time making one I know she’ll love and send it to a note to listen to it and know how I feel.”

24. “I stroke her hair or put my arm around her when she’s sitting next to me.”

25. “I do little thoughtful things like keeping her favorite beer in my fridge.”

26. “I hold her hand.”

27. “Sometime my job takes me to a town over where my wife’s favorite restaurant is located. Whenever I go there I stop and pick up her favorite dessert on the way home.”

28. “I take excellent care of her when she is sick: homemade chicken noodle soup and enough cold medicine and cough drops to cure an army.”

29. “I rub her back every night while she falls asleep.”

30. “I make her a care package every time she goes on a business trip: a nice note, one of my t-shirts to wear to bed, gum, a bag of her favorite trail mix, and I also make sure her favorite podcasts are downloaded onto her phone so she can listen to them on the plane.

31. “My girlfriend is obsessed with sparkling water. She refuses to drink tap water. So I keep my fridge stocked with La Croix so she can be happy while she’s at my place.”

32. “I’m super stubborn, so being open to what she wants to do and the fact that what she says might be right is my way of expressing that I love her.”

33. “I share things I love with her. I take her camping to my favorite places, introduce her to books and music and TV shows I love. I trust her with my dog when I’m away.”

34. “I kill every single spider in our apartment.”

35. “I surprise her with flowers or by tucking a bag of her favorite candy in her purse at random times.”

36. “I get her car detailed when she’s at work for the day.”

37. “I rub her feet and eat her out while we watch Netflix.”

38. “I put her needs before my own. I clean up after myself even though I’m okay with things being a little scattered. I drive her to work when I have the day off, just because she likes it. I fix everything that breaks in our house, even if I am secretly watching YouTube tutorials beforehand.”

39. “I listen when she talks and show interest in her interest. I ask about her family and friends and the specific projects she’s doing at work.”

40. “I’m not good at saying ‘I love you’ but I am great at meeting her needs. I cook for her a lot and keep her beater car running.”

41. “She has this terrible untrained Pomeranian dog that she loves unconditional. I clean up dog shit and wipe dog pee off her floors and keep complaining to a minimum even though it grosses me out.”

42. “Kissing, hugging, spooning.”

43. “I try to make her cum 3 times for every one orgasm she gives me.”

44. “I always tell her how impressively smart she is when she wows me with an insight into something I’ve never thought about before.”

45. “Instead of saying ‘I love you’ I kiss her forehead hello and goodbye.”

46. “I’m a chef so cooking elaborate meals for her is definitely how I show her love. I use expensive ingredients and insist she doesn’t help cook or clean up, I like spoiling her.”

47. “I spend a lot of time with her and do what she likes to do. I remind her that my favorite thing in the world is when the three of us (me, her, our giant golden retriever) are laying on our sectional together just watching movies and cuddling. I get up and make her a lunch when she has to work before I do.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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