89 Of The Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries Of All Time

Reddit users discussed the creepiest unsolved mysteries that haunt them to this day. I asked some users if I could share their comments with Creepy Catalog readers — thanks to all who participated!

Bible John

Bible John was a serial killer in Glasgow in the late 1960s. His name comes from witnesses saying he quoted the bible frequently. To this day no one knows who he was. Around Glasgow there are many old men who are locally thought to be him.

If none of these mysteries made you lose sleep, here’s a more exhaustive list to check out.

Black Dahlia
Original Night Stalker
Lead Masks Case
Taman Shud
Dyatlov Pass
Severed Feet of British Columbia
Hinterkaifeck Murders
Circleville Writer
Zodiac Killer
Disappearance of Amy Lynn Bradley
Who put Bella in the Wych Elm
Texarkana Moonlight Murders
Disappearance of Tara Calico
Death of Michael Hastings
Villisca Axe Murders
Oklahoma girl scout murders
Disappearance of Madeleine McCann
The Gilgo Beach Killer
The Alphabet Murders
Isdal Woman
Tylenol Poisonings
D.B. Cooper
Disappearance of Ray Gricar
The Mad Gasser
Disappearance of the Beaumont children
The Family Murders (from above)
The Max Headroom Intrusion
Smiley Face Murder Theory
Boy in the Box
The Colonial Parkway Killer
Brabant killers
Keddie Murders
West Memphis Three
The Monster with 21 Faces
Assassination of Olof Palme
Ken Rex McElroy
Lake Bodom murders
Cleveland Torso Murderer
Noida Double Murder Case
West Mesa Murders
Disappearance of Jim Gray
Danny Casolaro Suicide
The Springfield Three
Servant Girl Annihilator
Axeman of New Orleans
The Monster of Florence
Flannan Isles Mystery
The Atlanta Ripper
JonBenét Ramsey
The Mary Celeste
Frank Olson
Seewen murder case
Jimmy Hoffa
Death of Gareth Williams
Disappearance of Jim Thompson
Disappearance of Richard Colvin Cox
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Art Theft
Hello Kitty murder
Girl A
Freeway Phantom
Oakland Child Killer
Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders
Bowling Alley Massacre
The Black Doodler
Eastbound Strangler
Walker Family Murders
Disappeared Northern Ireland
Connecticut River Valley Killer
Wanda Beach Murders

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