Woman Finds Out The House She Lives In Was Used As A Torture Cave By A Serial Killer (Her Landlord Was The Killer’s Mother)


Imagine this — one day one of your friends is watching a documentary on serial killers and notices something strange. The photos of one of the serial killers homes (which he used to hold and torture women) looks an awful lot like the house your friend just signed a lease on….

This is what happened to a Missouri woman, Catrina McGhaw, who realized alleged killer (he hung himself while waiting for trial) Maury Travis once lived in her home. The basement — her basement — is where he allegedly killed between 12 and 20 women.

The bad news is that in Missouri you don’t have to disclose this kind of information so the landlord, Travis’ mother, was under no obligation to tell McGhaw the home she was signing a lease for had once been used as a house of horrors.

Travis had made videos of his torture sessions and sent a letter to a local newspaper bragging about his 17 kills, and included a map to the bodies.

According to ABC:

When police searched his home, they said they found makeshift cells in his basement and videos of his tormenting the women before tying them up to a wooden beam in the basement that still stands to this day.

In another scene of the graphic video, which was shared with ABC’s “Primetime” around the time of the case, Travis is allegedly shown wrapping a belt around one victim’s neck and snapping it before she went limp.

“This is first kill. Number One. First kill was 19 years old. Name — I don’t know. I don’t give a f***,” he said in the video.

With legal help from a St. Louis housing non-profit, McGhaw was able to break her lease.

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