18 Answers To The (Horrifying) Question: “What Should You NEVER Google?”

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The common ones

cake fart
lemon party
two girls one cup
tub girl
bme olympics

Tub girl

“Tub Girl.”

To this day, I still don’t know what it is, but my friends have been urging me to “Google That Shit” for years and my ex and his brother have strongly suggested that I not. I trust those two more than anyone and will take their advice. I have a feeling that said girl doesn’t fall anywhere within the realm of science and intellectual pursuits though.


Beheadings. They’ve been online for ages and I can’t bare to watch them. Though I have seen a lot of corpses on r/wtf. And a bleeding man who severed his junk.

Child pornography

Not even to research statistics for debates or whatever. Just NOPE.

Just no

new Nickelback song 2014

I fell for it

Blue Waffle.


Fear of holes.

It’s worse than you may think.


Not touching this one

Junko Furuta autopsy photos


I have yet to watch the infamous 2 Girls 1 Cup video. I never will.

Blue Waffle

Sara Fratti
Sara Fratti

Obligatory: “blue waffle” -> I’m feeling lucky

Save me

mircopenis. Do not google micropenis.

Especially if you haven’t had kids yet

Do not frigging google babies with birth defects. I had to do this for a middle school project on trisomy and left me mentally dead.

I only thought of the yard game…

“Corn hole.” As in the beanbag toss game, sorta like horseshoes, but trust me that is NOT what the search returns. My father-in-law found out the hard way when he wanted to search the web for where he could buy a set of the boards to have a tournament at a BBQ.

Anything that will look bad in front of a jury

certainly not chloroform or neck-breaking… because, according to law enforcement, the act of googling something automatically determines that you intend to do/obtain said searched item/action.

I find this funny, however, because although I have googled Ferrari and Lamborghini on many occasions, I certainly will never fucking have one.

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