13 Things That Will Happen When You Get Ready To Go Out With Your Girlfriends

America’s pastime.

1. There’s a mixture of Ja Rule and One Direction blasting out of your Spotify that no sane radio station would ever play on the same rotation.

2. You take selfies. And then you take group selfies. And then you take a vote on which is the most worthy of going on Instagram. (And then later: taxi selfies).

3. Every round of drinks begins with a cheers. It can be simple, funny, or heartfelt — but it’s an occasion to mark.

4. You realize that you don’t have enough mirrors in your apartment. Or that the lighting sucks. Or whatever structural flaw it is that prevents four people from simultaneously applying the last coat of mascara.

5. Compliments. If you ever need to feel better about the way you look, get ready with a group of your friends — they’ll remind you of what you have going for you and ignore your flaws, at least for going out purposes.

6. It’s a little bit like bringing a Sephora into your house because everyone brings a makeup bag filled with products you’ve never tried — and suddenly need to.

7. “Cute bra!”

8. If anyone has received a funny dick pic lately, it is passed around the room.

9. Someone makes you promise them that at a certain time or after a cerain number of drinks you will prevent them from drunk texting the ex they can’t seem to get over.

10. People make non-sequitor statements about their intentions for the night. “I’m definitely not talking to any guys tonight.” “I’m definitely getting laid tonight.” “Probs gonna dance on a table.”

11. You feel happy and young and excited. It doesn’t matter how stressed out you were at the office a few hours ago, there’s nothing as cathartic as deep belly laughs and the promise of an adventurous night.

12. There’s a moment when you consciously remember how hot your friends actually are. You get to see them out of their work clothes and in their made-up, decidedly “unprofessional” looks.

13. You forget that the actual point of the night is to “go out” not laugh and drink with your friends while putting makeup on, though that always seems like the most fun part in retrospect. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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