The Pros And Cons Of Having An Eating Disorder


  • Have amazing friendships with other girls who “get” you like no one else in your entire life does, friendships creating in these bizarre circumstances are automatically deeper than normal friendships.
  • Rituals can consume your entire day so don’t have time to be bored/consider your existential despair and you have activities to do when you are anxious.
  • Could possibly get closer to your ideal body type, temporarily.


  • Even if you get closer to your “ideal body type” your ideal will then change to something farther out of reach. You will never be/do “enough.”
  • You are mentally ill.
  • Crippling self doubt.
  • Your bathroom is probably disgusting.
  • You will probably never have a “normal” relationship to food/your body.
  • You are fucking up your body/health.
  • It costs a lot of money to get therapy/go to an eating disorder inpatient or outpatient program.
  • All your friends are online and/or people you communicate with through text because you feel uncomfortable leaving your apartment.
  • You alienate and/or lose your IRL friends.
  • Disappoint your parents (or at least feel like it).
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