16 Everyday Feelings You’ll Only Recognize If You Live With Anxiety

Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo

In a world that is completely centered on social events and being around other people, it is often very difficult to be a person that suffers from anxiety. It gets in the way and makes it difficult to function and be around others. It has this way of completely sucking the life out of you and leaving others not understanding as to why. It comes when we least expect it, and makes it really hard to live a “normal” life. It is very hard for your loved ones to comprehend and even more confusing to try and explain to the people around you. If someone hasn’t been through it, they could never understand.

1. It’s the feeling that someone is always mad at you. Even if you can’t come up with a single reason why, you are sure you MUST have done something wrong.

2. It’s the feeling when your boss isn’t acting as friendly as usual and you are wondering what you did wrong. You find yourself going through every work situation for the past few weeks wondering what it could be.

3. It’s the feeling when someone sends “K” or a short response in a text message and your mind is racing wondering what this person could be angry with you about.

4. It’s the knot you get your stomach when someone starts typing for an extended period of time and you are nervous about what they are going to say.

5. It’s the overanalyzing of every situation in your head. No matter what, you beat it to death over and over again with thoughts.

6. It’s the way you make yourself believe that things are wrong, even when everything in your life is TOTALLY fine.

7. It’s the leg shaking and swaying your body back and forth in social and professional situations. You can’t sit still no matter how hard you try.

8. It’s the need to always be busy. Making plans and searching for new hobbies, anything to keep your mind at ease. You plan out your whole weekend way before the weekend even comes.

9. It’s the compulsive things you do like color code and detail every section of your planner to make sure all of the details of your life is figured out. God forbid you miss an appointment or event.

10. It’s feeling weak, nauseous and sick to your stomach. The kind of illness that you aren’t able to call out of work for.

11. It’s the panic you feel when you are running even just a couple of minutes late. You find yourself reckless driving down the highway just to make sure you get to your destination on time.

12. It’s the feeling that you are constantly disappointing someone, even when you know deep down you are doing everything right.

13. It’s the trapped in your body feeling that you can’t get out no matter how hard you try. The feeling that starts in your stomach and goes all the way down to your throat.

14. It’s the feeling of being absolutely exhausted but your mind just won’t let you rest.

15. It’s the feeling of insecurity. That someone is always lying to you. There is no way they could be honest and mean the things they are saying. It leaves you with HUGE trust issues.

16. It’s the need to be alone out of nowhere. It’s hard to explain to anyone why you just aren’t up for going out tonight. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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