Here Is How You Stop Loving Them Even When You Know You’re Meant To Be


I think the hardest part about love, loss, and breakups is the fact that no matter how hard you try and how deeply you love someone, that doesn’t always mean that is the person you should be with.

You could love someone with every fiber of your being and that could still not be enough. You could fight every day to fix a broken relationship and that could still not be enough to save it.

We go into love hoping to get this happy ending. We have this vision in our head of the fairytale that love is supposed to be. Really, we have a completely false reality of how heartbreaking and difficult loving someone can actually be.

We grow up watching shows and movies filled with the girl getting her Prince Charming and almost always ending in a happy ending. So of course that’s what love is going to be like for us. Right?

Not quite. Love doesn’t always work that way.

Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, love actually isn’t enough.

But how could that be?

Love isn’t enough to fix your unsolvable differences. Love isn’t enough to change the things you can’t stand about that person. Love isn’t enough to save a relationship that may already be broken.

Love isn’t enough to make someone fight for you. Love isn’t enough to fix your issues. Love isn’t enough to make someone be ready to take on the world with you.

Unfortunately, love isn’t enough to make someone something they aren’t.

Love isn’t enough to save someone from the demons they battle from every day. Love isn’t enough to make someone stay when their head is set on leaving.

There are some things, that no matter how deeply two people love each other, just can’t be changed. These things can’t be altered and instead of just built into whom each person is.

This might be the hardest part to wrap your head around. If two people love each other, they should be able to figure it out, right?

Unfortunately, not always. Unfortunately, sometimes two people have to part ways while still loving each other tremendously. This is painful. This is difficult. However, this is reality. This is reality of how a relationship can sometimes turn out.

Really, it actually makes a breakup even harder when they are no hard feelings involved. Parting ways with a person you still love so deeply can definitely be one of the hardest things in the world.

Not everyone is your soulmate. Not everyone is the person that you are going to be able to spend forever with. It can’t work with everyone. Not everything is going to be meant to be. Sometimes, you have to loose someone who you think could be the love of your life to have any chance in finding the person you truly are meant to be with.

And with the pain that comes in searching for this person, you will also be able to experience so many highs and love along the way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I have been a grief blogger since my mom passed away 5 years ago.

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