Why Empaths Struggle With Imposter Syndrome

A strength that empaths have is that they can blend into any conversation or situation because of their skills. They understand how others feel and have a strong read on tone, body language, facial expressions, and how comfortable someone feels in a conversation. They are emotional chameleons and have the ability to absorb how others are feeling. This is a human superpower, but it is also something that empaths need to learn to control.

Imposter syndrome is something we’ve all felt at some point in our lives. It’s the belief that we don’t deserve the success and happiness that comes our way. This is only a belief and it is not factual for anyone who has ever been happy or achieved any milestone. The majority of us work hard and deserve every bit of success and joy that come our way. The reason empaths struggle with imposter syndrome is because they carry the spirits of others with them.

Empaths may feel that their own abilities aren’t enough to give them success. The feeling that they need the abilities of others to succeed can be demoralizing. Empaths feel how others respond and determine if that is a healthy way to respond to their own problems. They have this ability to sense and feel differently than others. This difference is not totally relatable to those who are not empaths. This is what causes them to feel like they are imposters in some way because they have more investment in the emotions of others.

Oddly enough I think empaths are right when they think that their own abilities aren’t enough to carry them to success. The reason why these thoughts have some truth to them is because anyone couldn’t be successful if they couldn’t carry skills and emotions from others with them. We all acquire skills and different mindsets from others over time. This is what separates those that grow and those that don’t. It’s necessary to meet others and take something away from them that you feel can help you be more happy and successful. We all learn something from someone that can help us in our lives. This doesn’t make us imposters. This is what makes us human.

Any empath that believes they are “imposters” should know that they’re not. They’re the ones that are actually way ahead of everyone else because they know that they need to acquire skills and mindsets of others in order to be happy and successful. Having the ability to acquire traits from others is a great skill in life. That doesn’t make you’re fake. Fusing your own skills along with someone else’s is what makes you unique and worth investing in. Empaths are idealists and are needed to make this a better world. No one should validate a belief that they are imposters or that they don’t deserve their joy and success. Imposter syndrome is only a belief. Once you eliminate that belief, you realize how worthy and valuable you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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