21 Things You Live For When You Have A 9-5 Job

1. Wednesdays. You count your weeks in “days since Monday” and “days until Friday,” so once you begin counting backwards from Friday, you’re golden.

2. Happy hours that go past 6 PM, and contain specials better than “dollar off all wine.” (Side note, what the hell kind of special is that, bars??? Wine being 8 dollars instead of 9 is not happy hour material. There is nothing happy about that.)

3. Friends who send you funny stuff on Gchat all day, while they’re also stuck at the office.

4. People who are down to just “grab a drink after work,” because you’re never sure if it’s going to be a “going out” kind of night until it’s about 4 PM and you start trawling your GChat contacts for someone who is also stressed out from the workday.

5. The one coworker you can bitch to, and basically spend the entire day in a long conversation with.

6. The one person who always has good snacks on their desk, and is willing to share. (Even though you secretly kind of hate this person for sabotaging your attempts to not spend all day snacking.)

7. Coffee dates with someone way more experienced than you, where you get to listen to all their wisdom and ask them all the questions you’ve wanted to ask.

8. The one TV show all your coworkers watch so you can obsess over it together.

9. Other friends who also work 9-5 (or, let’s be honest, 9:30-6:30), so they get it when you can’t meet up with them until, like, 7-ish, and you want to get home by 10:30.

10. Work events that involve free food, free alcohol, or both.

11. Fridays during summer when everyone just kind of decides that work is not possible after 3:30, and it turns into a random half day.

12. Really cute, office-appropriate clothes that are both reasonably priced and don’t make you sweat like you’re doing hot yoga while sitting at your desk.

13. Being within walking distance of one of the following: Au Bon Pain, Chipotle, or Chop’t.

14. The feel of new business cards when you get promoted, even if you know that business cards are kind of weird and you never really use them.

15. Setting your out-of-office reply when you go on vacation, and feeling like you are totally untouchable for a while (even though you know you’re going to check your email anyway).

16. Good bagels.

17. Mornings where you can spend an hour just checking your email, sipping your coffee, and not really thinking about anything for a little while.

18. The coworker who goes on coffee runs and asks if anyone wants anything. God bless that coworker.

19. The feeling on paydays where you are suddenly flush with cash — even though it’s the same amount it always is — and you can go out and get some dinner without worrying about it.

20. Cheesy GIF Tumblrs about your industry because even though you know you shouldn’t relate to all of those points, you absolutely relate to every. single. one.

21. Good headphones. Without good headphones, your office life is going to be long, and very difficult. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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image – Ella Ceron

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