21 Men On The One Thing Their Girlfriends Always Got Wrong About Them

Thank you to everyone who helped me on this. Names have been changed.

1. Daniel, 26

“She thought that I was just interested in sex, that I wanted her for her body. And I want sex, of course, but I don’t think I wanted it any more than she did. I also liked to just talk sometimes.”

2. Jerome, 35

“That I was afraid of meeting the parents. It was just her parents. They were terrible. I’m sorry.”

3. Matt, 33

“She hated my friends because she thought that they were convincing me to be single, that they made me want to live a different life or something. But my friends thought she was fine, we just liked doing stuff that she didn’t like doing. It wasn’t that dramatic.”

4. Taran, 22

“My girlfriends always get really mad at me when I don’t text back right away. Most of the time I’m just sleeping.”

5. Brendan, 24

“She thought that I ‘used her,’ but I don’t know what she thinks I really got out of her. It didn’t work out between us, and it’s like she doesn’t understand that. It has to be my fault.”

6. Jai, 27

“That I am looking for casual sex. Casual sex does nothing for me.”

7. Dan, 28

“They always try to do these ‘sexy’ things like from porn or something, wearing this really crazy lingerie or doing some sex move. They always think we want this porn star to keep things interesting. I honestly think it’s kind of gross.”

8. Kellan, 31

“She expected me to be best friends with her friends, and acted like there was something wrong with me because I didn’t love spending time with them. But they were HER friends, and we had nothing in common. Most of the time they just talked to each other about people I didn’t know.

9. Sam, 26

“She thought I didn’t listen.”

10. Angelo, 34

“One time I forgot our anniversary, after we’d been together for four years. She thought that it meant so much about our relationship, and I think that was what really started our breakup, because she felt like it wasn’t important to me. But I was going through a lot of stuff, and I was just as upset with myself as she was that I let that slip. Sometimes I didn’t make it a priority like I should do, but I always loved her.

11. Bryan, 26

“She thought I didn’t want to get married. I can’t wait to get married, just not to a selfish bitch.”

12. Brooks, 31

“She thinks I cheated on her.”

13. Drew, 30

“She kept trying to dig into my childhood, like she was going to find this crazy story about my parents that would explain everything. Every time I told her that there was nothing I was really angry about, she didn’t believe me. It just made her get more angry at me.

14. Kevin, 22

“They always think I have no ambition. I just don’t know what I want to do yet.”

15. Chris, 27

“When we broke up for the first time, she told me that I didn’t take her seriously, like that I didn’t respect her. I convinced her to get back with me a few months later but I don’t think she ever really trusted me after that. I think she always thought I didn’t respect her.”

16. Rich, 24

“She told me I looked at other women. But who doesn’t look at other women? I wasn’t trying to leave her.”

17. Marshall, 25

“They never really listen to me when I talk about my parents’ divorce, they always think I’m exaggerating.”

18. Andre, 26

“She always thought I wished she had bigger boobs or a smaller nose or whatever. She thought I wanted her to be perfect, but I think she looked amazing. I was always happy with how she looked.”

19. Jerome, 35

“When our fights would get really bad she would tell me that I was just trying to be like my father (and my dad left my mom for a younger woman and always had mistresses). She had no idea how much that hurt my feelings. She thought that I was just going to turn out like him, and she made me paranoid that she’s right.”

20. Michael, 28

“I didn’t propose fast enough. She thinks she forced me to do it.”

21. Stephen, 23

“She got basically everything wrong about me. But I probably did the same thing to her. I guess that’s why were not together anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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