23 Reasons Why Scott Disick Is The Ultimate Man

No one cares about your husband. No one cares about your boyfriend. No one cares about your father, your brother, or your male best friend. All of these men are sick, unfunny jokes in the flawless shadow of towering Lord Disick. Here, in 23 succinct-yet-devastating points, let’s discuss exactly why he represents the apex of manhood.

1. He is the sartorial lovechild of Prince William and Don “Magic” Juan.

2. He speaks uncompromising truth.


3. Unlike so many men, he’s not afraid of pursuing the interests and hobbies that might be cruelly labeled as “feminine.”

4. The legalities are questionable, but he basically became British royalty.

5. He has produced flawless offspring.


6. His suit game is completely untouchable, even by Roger Sterling.

7. Whether clean-shaven or scruff status, his face remains eminently pinchable.


8. One time, he became Ryan Gosling circa The Notebook for Kourtney.

9. He is a deeply talented musician.

10. He is by far the most likable person in the whole Kardashian empire, which doesn’t sound like an accomplishment, but it somehow totally is.

11. This face.


12. You actually get the impression that he and Kourtney really love each other, which is nice.

13. His automobile game is just like whaaaaaaaaat.

14. Even when wearing a pastel pink brocade tuxedo jacket, he is not afraid of giving his life partner pure bitchface.

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 10.56.46 AM

15. He is also not afraid of a little romance, even if it’s just making his life partner laugh.

16. He is now part of Kanye West’s family.

17. In addition to being brother-in-laws, they also collaborate on gems such as this:


18. Sometimes he wears entire animals around his neck, which I know is a dealbreaker for some of you, but whatever.

19. He also sometimes wears entire animals around his feet, mostly crocodiles.

20. While he definitely jokes around and acts the asshole, you can tell that he has a deep love for his family and the important people in his life.

21. But he definitely does not have love for this waiter. (#VintageDisick #BatemanMode)


22. His transformation from Total Asshole Bad Guy to Underdog That We All Love has established him as the ultimate Renaissance Man.

23. He is always evolving, always improving, and will never stop swagging on all of us. Ever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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