Everyone Rejoice, Chris Brown Is Finally Going To Jail!

While Chris Brown’s violent antics have been no secret over the past few years — whether assaulting his starlet girlfriend or getting into a brawl over her affections with fellow musician Drake, lest we forget the latter — he has, to this point, always managed to avoid jail time.

But, according to this morning’s story on CNN, it looks like Chris Brown may finally see the time behind bars that so many felt he deserved for his other crimes:

The singer and bodyguard Christopher Hollosy were allegedly involved in an altercation with another man outside the W Hotel at 4:25 a.m., police said.

The two were taken into custody and were being held at the 2nd District police station, police said.

The alleged victim was taken to a hospital for treatment of injuries, police spokesman Anthony Clay told CNN.

As this assault is a violation of the probation he has been on since his 2009 assault on Rihanna, it is likely to result in at least some time served, and, at least for the moment, he’s in police custody. Only time will tell if his legal funds will be enough to escape imprisonment for a third consecutive assault, but for now, let’s just keep our fingers crossed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Chelsea Fagan

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