This Is Your Reminder To Keep Going Even When Times Are Hard

Carina König

You might be feeling pretty much upset today, and because some of the things didn’t go according to your plan, you started to feel that everything is falling apart and you can’t do anything about it. You’re probably blaming yourself because you think you’re not good enough. You think you’re a mess and there ain’t any progress in your life.

You’re being too hard on yourself, so let me stop you there. When these negative thoughts take over, I want you to breathe and relax. Close your eyes and talk to the Lord. Remember your greatest accomplishment. Those memorable moments you’ve shared with your friends, your family. Reminisce those days and believe that life is not always about the difficult times.

You are more than your bad days, honey. You are more than your mistakes. You are more than that voice at the back of your head saying you won’t make it.

Because the truth is, YOU CAN and YOU WILL.

You might have been failed in the past, but that doesn’t mean you’ll fail forever. Failure simply means there’s something to be learned. Something to improve, and something that reminds you to take another shot to try it all again.

Just keep going.

The universe is not always on your side. It can be very tempting to just give up when times get tough, but as long as the Lord is giving you the opportunity to wake up every morning, you need to push yourself and keep going.

You need to learn how to break whatever barriers are placed in your way. There’s no easy way out, so be patient. Fight for your goals and let your dreams become reality.

Please know that things will get better.

Yes, it will. And this is not a wishful thinking, but rather a guarantee. As the Lord will strengthen you and will always guide you on the right path. This is just a test. You might be struggling today, but someday it will all make sense.

Never stop believing.

You have come this far. Isn’t fair to acknowledge your strength as a little token for yourself? Why not be proud of your battle scars and see it as a mark of courage to elevate? Remember that every single day, you’re only getting better and stronger.

Believe in yourself. Just by reading this article means you’re trying. You’re trying to figure out how you can keep up with life, and trying is a sign that you are brave enough. Don’t let negative thinking or anxiety plays against you. Don’t believe in them, just believe in yourself.

You are one step closer to succeeding and you know what it takes for you to get there. Just hold on and keep going. Someday, you’ll be thankful of the rough beginnings. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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