27 People Share The Best Gift You Can Get A Man

Found on AskReddit.

1. This guy is still a little boy at heart.

Baked goods. I moved into a new apartment for an internship halfway across the country and my girlfriend overnighted me some scones she’d just baked. It was the best thing. It isn’t expensive, it shows you care, and they will always go appreciated.

2. An honest man.

Compliments. Men thrive off of compliments. They’ll never admit it though.

3. A gift that shows you truly thought about it.

Honestly, the coolest gift I ever got from a girlfriend was a dollar store set of army men.

Early in our relationship, I told her that I didn’t really care about gifts much. I made an offhand joke about how I’d rather play with army men with her than get a new iPod..

Cut to my birthday, almost a year later. We had our fights, or struggles, but when I saw that box of army men, seeing how she remembered an offhand comment from such a long time ago…it was the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received, to this day.

4. This guy just wants a massage.

Don’t bother buying me anything. Just give me a shoulder rub. Then smile when I thank you.

Dead set. I already have beer in the fridge, mum bought me cologne for Christmas and my brother and sister in law dropped off some leftover pulled pork and potato bake.

I’ve got everything I need except relaxed shoulders.

5. A “broquet.”

I saw a website advertising something called “Bro-quets” which were baskets full of things appropriate for guys. They were stupidly expensive, though. A friend and I put together our own “Bro-quet” last year when a coworker’s wife was having a baby. We figured she was getting all sorts of gifts, so we made one for him. We included baby stuff that was labeled for his favorite sports teams, some junk food, and…of course…alcohol. He loved it.

6. A gift that shows he’s always on your mind.

I loved when my girlfriend got me t-shirts or nice shaving cream she saw on sale at otherwise too-expensive shops. Gestures to indicate you’re thinking about him.

7. A simple man.

My wife, naked in one of my work shirts with just one button done up, complete with a random tie, just sitting, waiting for me to get home. Best inexpensive gift I could ever ask for.

8. Legos.

Got home from work one day last week, saw a package from Amazon on my doorstep. I figured I drunkenly ordered something or had pre-ordered something ages ago that shipped but didn’t get a notification.

Got inside, opened it up, girlfriend had surprised me with the Lego Architecture Eiffel Tower.

I love that girl. Gonna wife her someday.

9. When in doubt: go for anything that begins with a “b.”

It should start with a B: beer, bacon, boobs, bj, bourbon, brownies…

10. Entertainment…and Legos.

Personally a good film or a good game. Also Lego, can’t go wrong with Lego

11. For a man who likes to drink.

A good bottle of whiskey.

12. A man who likes to switch things up.

Honestly, if a girl got me flowers, I think it would be an awesome gift.

13. A “bouquet of gift cards.”

I made my boyfriend a bouquet of gift cards to GameStop and Chipotle in lieu of flowers. The only thing that would have made it better would’ve been alcohol.

14. For an emotionally-available man.

Honestly, a nice dinner date (either at home or out) and spending some quality time together is what I would really want.

15. This man will regret his answer…


16. This guy just wants to smell good.

A nice bottle of cologne.

17. A “manly” gift.

Pocket knives are the gift to give a man for almost any occasion. They’re cool, exceedingly useful, and make us feel manly. Get a Benchmade for special events.

18. Pretty much anything he can eat.

I bought my boyfriend pork rinds and flavored water yesterday and he was pretty darn excited about it. Called me the best.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

19. A fancy lighter.

Zippo. I cannot think of a guy that wouldn’t be really impressed if you bought him an engraved Zippo.

20. Anything related to his favorite sports team.

If he follows a sport, any merchandise from his favorite team will do the trick. Could be anything from a jersey to a keychain, or if you want to go big, tickets for a game.

21. Something grand, like…

…a new car. Yes girls it’s true, when your man is upset and you want to make it all better, buy him a new car.
Source: Oprah.

22. Something for their sweet tooth. *mwaz*

NEWSFLASH LADIES!!! Guys like chocolate just as much as you do.

23. An easy-to-please man.

Seriously, just scratch my back when we go to bed.. That’s all I really want in life. I buy everything for my self and I’m just going to fake liking whatever you buy. So just scratch my back and ill be happy.

24. Compliment his penis.

Compliment the girth of his dick and his thick mat of chest hair that he’s otherwise shy about. Call it a “buffet of manliness” as you run your fingers though it. I can only imagine, but I think that would make me feel pretty good and alpha for a couple hours.

25. Something to freshen up the house.

I can’t be the only man who enjoys a good smelling candle. In the off-chance that I am, I guess a solid blowjob or something else super manly.

26. A man who may or may not exist in real life.

I’m very simple. My wife is my best friend so when she kisses me on the cheek and gives me a hug at random, that means more to me than anything else.

27. Comic books.

If a girl bought me whatever comic books I was planning on buying that week, I’d be shocked and super stoked. I’d be even more impressed if she got all the titles right. Ah, dream girl. I’ll find you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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