8 Things The Girls That Get Ignored By Guys Don’t Know (That Other Girls Do)

If only all women knew these truths, the world would be a better place. Easier for us men and easier for women as well.

1. All girls look better without makeup.

A rule of thumb: every girl who looks hot with makeup, looks even hotter without it. Guys are most aroused by a girl who wakes up next to them looking disheveled yet still hot. And all women deserve to know this; they deserve to know that we men take little (if any) notice of all the time and effort they spent painting their faces. It’s truly gratuitous, and I imagine costly too. Broke girls need to realize they can be less broke girls by simply cutting down on the makeup supply.

2. Guys are aroused by girls who know what they want sexually.

Women who slut-shame other women are making it really difficult for us guys. We don’t think women who enjoy sex are sluts; quite the opposite actually. But all the girl-on-girl slut-shaming has put an unwarranted stigma on women who are sure of themselves sexually. It’s forcing women who would normally be very vocal about their sexual preferences to act coy, and it’s unfortunate.

3. When women get their nails done, we see nothing.

It’s necessary to separate nails from makeup as the upkeep of manicures and pedicures is just about as costly as maintaining a collection of eyeshadows. Next time you ladies make a $40 manicure appointment, just remember: no man will notice.

4. Playing hard-to-get doesn’t work on men.

It’s just the luck of the draw that women are so weak in the face of the hard-to-get game. You girls make it so easy for us. But don’t assume the same is true for men, because it’s not. If a woman stops showing interest in us, we tend to proceed much more rationally than women do. Our interest naturally begins to wane, as we don’t want to waste our time.

5. Women don’t always have to dress up.

We do like you in a sexy dress or skirt, but it’s entirely unnecessary to dress up all the time. Doing this just puts pressure on us to dress up, which we don’t enjoy. Most of the time we’d much prefer you slip into your sweats or yoga pants and come snuggle with us on the couch.

6. If you’re not interested in sports, please don’t fake it.

We’d much rather discuss sports with our boys anyway. And a girl who’s trying too hard to appear like she knows what she’s talking about when she mentions Peyton Manning’s field goal is a girl no many wants to be around. We can smell your insincerity from miles away. So please, just stop trying.

7. Women can eat all they want.

I hate seeing a woman deprive herself of food, especially when it’s done to either impress men or appear cute. Ladies, men find nothing less attractive. We would ALWAYS rather a heavier-set woman over a thinner one. In fact, truth be told, it’s hard for us guys not to fall in love with a chick who knows how to eat.

8. Shoes: we don’t care.

The amount of money women spend on shoes is alarming, and I’m surprised more people haven’t spoken up about it. When did it start being okay to charge upwards $3,000 for a pair of heels? Men don’t even know you’re wearing them! Seriously, we would have no idea if they didn’t make you taller than us. And speaking of which, if you go out with a man I recommend wearing your go-to heels on the first date; it’s a great way to gauge his insecurity level right off the bat. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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