36 People Reveal The Creepiest, Most Unexplainable Thing That’s Happened To Them In Their Own Home

Found on AskReddit.

1. Man breaks in and stares.

I hate writing this… still gives me the creeps.

I was like 12, and I was asleep in my family’s living room since I was sick and it was winter (My house has terrible insulation and my room was cold, family room was warm) So I was asleep and at around 2 in the morning, I’m woken up to the feeling that someone is right there. I always slept with a flashlight since I read, so it was in my hands and I turn it on and point it in the direction of where I thought the guy was. Right there, just a foot away from me, was a guy staring right into my face. The light hit his face and he turned and ran away. I let out a blood curling bloody murder scream and my mom and dad came running down stairs. Turns out he had freaking broken into our house and then stood there staring at me… 0_0 Shoot that still creeps me out.

2. Found a passed out drunk.

Was around 2002 I had just married my wife and we had just had our first baby. Bedroom door opened up and hit my wife’s side of the bed. Guess she went to get up for the baby in the middle of the night. She went to get out of bed and when she put her feet down on the floor she felt a body. She reached down and lifted a arm. She thought it was me on the floor at first then she reached over and i was asleep in bed. She started screaming I woke up. The guy passed out on our floor woke up. I chased him out of the house with a knife. Basically some drunk came in our house and passed out on our floor without our knowledge in the middle of the night. Totally fucked up.

3. Dog barking at something uncontrollably.

This is when I was in high school. I’m chilling in the living room with my dog sleeping by my feet watching TV. When suddenly, my dog jumps up and runs to the stairs, which are right off the living room. Now my dog would normally never bark unless the doorbell rang. This time he went into attack mode: growling, barking, his hair rising on end, then he would look at me trying to see if I would call him back. I was scared shitless, no one could have come home because you have to come through the living room to get the stairs so no one could sneak in. After a minute he would not let up he kept acting like something was there, just something I couldn’t see. I had to sit there as my dog was acting like he was ready to rip someone’s throat, until finally he walked back to my feet looking proud of himself. I like to think he scared something off that day, but I was very happy when we moved.


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